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1 Aug 2004

The big news lay underneath, with an all-new drivetrain featuring the Melbourne-made Alloytech HFV6 3.6-litre DOHC 24V V6 pumping out 175kW/320Nm.

The four-speed auto was significantly revised to cope.

The rest of the facelift was slight, and included a larger Holden symbol in the bigger grille, a new bonnet, body-coloured lower facia, rockers, décor panel and bumpers, silver chrome bezels, taller taillights with semi-opaque lens and banded reverse and turn indicators.

New standard features: Brake assist, Electronic Brake Force DistributionIN A predictable move, Holden has launched for 2007 an SVZ versions of its VZ Commodore-based station wagon, which is in its last throes before new-generation VE series models arrive.

The SVZ wagon, limited-edition is aimed at maintaining the sales momentum of vehicles that date back to the 1997 VT Commodore.

There is no drive-away pricing for the SVZs this time around, although the wagon’s $32,490 starting price is $2000 lower than the 2006 edition.

As before, additional equipment on the "Executive"-spec wagon includes popular options such as 17-inch alloy wheels (the spare wheel remains steel), air-conditioning, an in-dash six-CD player, front foglights, a roof rack and rear wind deflector.

The "FE1.5" luxury sports suspension tune returns, as do higher-series cosmetic treatments such as a revised grille, chrome exhaust extension, body-coloured mirror scalps and black-bezel headlights.

The cabin also includes Anthracite cloth seat trim with leather bolsters, front and rear electric-powered windows, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel, T-bar and handbrake lever.

A selection of new colours from the VE sedan range can be ordered, including "Provence", "Sandstorm", "Red Passion", "Nickel", "Evoke", "Vespers Blue", "Impulse", "Phantom" and "Heron White". Metallic paint costs $400 extra.

The wagon gets the standard 172kW/320Nm Alloytec engine.

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