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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Holden

Model: Equinox

Released: Dec 2017

Holden finally filled the gap left by the underwhelming Captiva 5 with its Mexican-sourced Equinox mid-size SUV that it picked from the Chevrolet stable.

The five-seat Equinox was developed in the US, but Holden’s engineering team had a hand in the suspension and power steering tune to ensure it better suited Australian conditions.

It was initially offered with three powertrains, including a 1.5-litre turbocharged Ecotec four-cylinder engine producing 127kW/275Nm paired with either a six-speed manual or auto, offered only in base LS grade.

A 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol unit delivering 188kW/353Nm matched with a new nine-speed auto – the same drivetrain from the ZB Commodore – was offered in LS+, LT, LTZ and LTZ-V, with the latter two variants available with all-wheel drive.

A Euro 6 100kW/320Nm 1.6-litre turbo-diesel launched a couple of months after the petrol-powered versions and the oil-burner was available in all model grades except the base LS.

Pricing at base level undercut virtually all of its competitors, including the Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4, Standard kit from LS up included automatic headlights with LED daytime running lights, 7.0-inch colour touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, six airbags, a reversing camera and 17-inch alloy wheels, while automatic versions had ‘active noise cancellation’.
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Make: Holden

Model: Trailblazer

Released: Sep 2016

Holden ditched the Colorado 7 name for the global Trailblazer moniker for its heavily updated large seven-seat SUV contender in 2016 to try and differentiate the off-roader and the ute on which it was based.
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Make: Holden

Model: Spark

Released: Mar 2016

For the second generation of Holden's smallest model, the micro car dropped its Barina prefix and retained only the Spark moniker.
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Make: Holden

Model: Insignia

Released: Jun 2015

Discontinued: May 2017

HOLDEN reintroduced the Opel Insignia OPC into Australia as the VXR in mid-2015, but in facelifted GA Series II guise, with a raft of extra driver-aid technology and a price nearly $10,000 under its predecessor.
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Make: Holden

Model: Cascada

Released: Apr 2015

Discontinued: May 2017

With the arrival of the Cascada, General Motors was able to offer its first convertible for the Australian market in ten years, following a false start in 2013 when it almost launched wearing Opel badges.
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Make: Holden

Model: Trax

Released: Sep 2013

Holden got the jump on most of its competitors by launching the Barina-based Trax crossover in mid 2013, ahead of the similarly positioned Ford EcoSport, Renault Captur and Nissan Juke.
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Make: Holden

Model: Malibu

Released: Jun 2013

Since the early 1980s, Holden has had a mixed history with mid-size cars. The original Camira was panned, the Apollo was a re-badged Camry, the Vectra sold well but had reliability issues and the Epica was a Daewoo-built epic fail.
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Make: Holden

Model: Colorado 7

Released: Nov 2012

Discontinued: Aug 2016

In late 2012 Holden returned to the old Jackaroo’s stomping ground with the Colorado 7 seven-seater SUV.
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Make: Holden

Model: Volt

Released: Oct 2012

Discontinued: Apr 2015

Holden’s first range-extender electric car, the Volt, arrived in late 2012 charged with changing the way Australians drive, along with perceptions of the Red Lion brand in Australia.
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Make: Holden

Model: Barina Spark

Released: Oct 2010

Discontinued: Feb 2016

Slotting beneath the continuing Barina, the MJ Spark was the first sub-B Holden supermini to ever be sold in Australia – as well as the brand’s cheapest, most economical and greenest to date.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Holden

Model: Captiva

Released: Dec 2009

Discontinued: Dec 2015

Holden separated its popular Captiva SUV siblings in 2009 with the larger of the two becoming the Captiva 7 (for seven seats), while the smaller version was renamed Captiva 5.
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Make: Holden

Model: Cruze

Released: Jun 2009

Discontinued: Oct 2017

HOLDEN’S Cruze replaced the Belgian-built AH Astra hatch – which had fallen victim to an unfavourable exchange rate out of Europe – and the Daewoo Lacetti-based JF Viva range in June 2009.
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Make: Holden

Model: Colorado

Released: Jul 2008

AS of July 2008, Colorado is in and Rodeo is out as Holden redoubled its efforts in the booming light truck segment. The reality is that the RC Colorado is essentially the previous RA Series II Rodeo built by Isuzu in Thailand, but with a redesigned nose and tail-lights.
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Make: Holden

Model: Epica

Released: May 2007

Discontinued: Feb 2011

Holden's New Epica is the replacement to the ailing Vectra model range. Primarily targeting buyers of Toyota’s top-selling 2.4-litre Camry.
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Make: Holden

Model: Captiva

Released: Oct 2006

HOLDEN has a lot riding on the new Captiva 4WD wagon.This Australian-developed and Korean-sourced SUV takes over from where the poorly performing Adventra left off, adopting the "big wagon" style of the medium SUV brigade, with a tall body, upright high seating position and compact dimensions.
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Make: Holden

Model: Caprice

Released: Sep 2006

From September 2010, Holden discontinued the Statesman nameplate in favour of Caprice with the introduction of the WM Series II facelift, halving the VE long-wheelbase sedan’s range to just two models.
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Make: Holden

Model: Tigra

Released: Oct 2005

Discontinued: Sep 2007

Based on the 2001-'05 XC Barina, the Tigra hails from Europe and is a direct competitor to the Peugeot 206 CC. And just like the French car, the Holden has a folding steel roof mechanism that turns it from a coupe to a convertible in a few seconds flat.
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Make: Holden

Model: Viva

Released: Sep 2005

Discontinued: May 2009

Completely unrelated to the '60s English Vauxhall of the same name, the second Viva Holden has marketed in Australia nevertheless competes in the same small-car market sector. It is built by Daewoo in South Korea and was also sold here as the Daewoo Lacetti in 2003/4.
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Make: Holden

Model: One-Tonner

Released: Aug 2004

Discontinued: Dec 2005

Holden launched a one-tonner version of the HQ ute in the early '70s, but the model returned after the WB's '85 demise in '04 VZ Commodore One Tonner guise. But sales were slow and Holden discontinued the model in late 2005.
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Make: Holden

Model: Adventra

Released: Oct 2003

Discontinued: Jan 2009

Holden chose to revamp its VYII Commodore wagon by engineering rear-wheel drive and raising the suitably modified suspension, body and cabin to create what it called Australia's first SUV sport utillity vehicle. But buyers were put off by its Commodore appearance, high prices and - initially anyway - V8-only specification.
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Make: Holden

Model: Crewman

Released: Sep 2003

Discontinued: Sep 2007

Holden's decision to stretch its successful Commodore utility, add two extra doors and a rear bench seat, and call it "Crewman" proved a hit, and remains a unique proposition in the Australian new-vehicle market.
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Make: Holden

Model: Zafira

Released: Jun 2001

Discontinued: Oct 2005

A runaway success in Europe, the compact seven-seater Zafira failed to find a large enough audience in Australia due to high pricing and severe competition from larger people movers. It was derived off the 1998 TS Astra small-car platform.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Holden

Model: Astra

Released: Aug 1998

Holden welcomed back the Astra nameplate in April 2015 after being absent from local markets for seven years. Hoped to fare much better than the Opel badged Astras, which were pulled from the Australian market after just a year, Holden has high hopes for its new small-sized competitor.
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Make: Holden

Model: Suburban

Released: Feb 1998

Discontinued: Jan 2001

Too big, too thirsty, too expensive and ultimately too American for Australian 4WD wagon buyers' tastes, the Suburban blundered along until Holden pulled the plug in early '01.
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Make: Holden

Model: Vectra

Released: Jun 1997

Discontinued: Dec 2006

The Vectra was Holden's first success in the medium sized sector since the early days of the Camira. An Opel design, the Vectra was manufactured in South Australia from 1998 to 2000.
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Make: Holden

Model: Combo

Released: Mar 1996

Discontinued: Apr 2012

The Spanish-built Combo is derived from the European Opel Corsa-based Barina, heavily modified and rebodied for duty as a light commerical vehicle.
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Make: Holden

Model: Frontera

Released: Oct 1995

Discontinued: Jun 2004

Heavily derived from the 1988 Isuzu Rodeo light truck, the Frontera turned out be be a huge success in Japan and Europe, but failed to find buyers in Australia over two generations and many modifications and improvements.
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Make: Holden

Model: Calibra

Released: Oct 1991

Discontinued: Jul 1998

A stunning work of beauty, the Calibra was a four-seater three-door hatchback built off the second-generation Opel J-car mid-sized sedan that Holden never sold locally. But it failed to make an impact here due to poor marketing and dull dynamics.
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Make: Holden

Model: Commodore ute

Released: Aug 1990

HOLDEN gave its utility commercial vehicle the “clean sheet” VE treatment. It became available in October 2007 and was based on the VE Commodore sedan platform that emerged in August 2006.
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Top^From 1980 to 1989

Make: Holden

Model: Nova

Released: Aug 1989

Discontinued: Apr 1997

All Holden Novas were rebadged Toyota Corollas, sold here over two generations in the late '80s until 1997. A miserable sales flop, the Nova was replaced ironically by the car it succeeded, the Astra.
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Make: Holden

Model: Apollo

Released: Aug 1989

Discontinued: May 1997

In the late 1980s Holden and Toyota briefly merged aspects of their operations to share key models. The Apollo was nothing more than a rebadged MkII Toyota Camry, replacing the floundering Holden Camira in mid-'89. Australians completely ignored the model, which ran over two generations until the Opel-sourced JR Vectra succeeded it in 1997.
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Make: Holden

Model: Barina

Released: Feb 1985

Holden was a pioneer in Australia's burgeoning light-car class, pitching the original, Suzuki Swift-based Barina against the Daihatsu Charade in early 1985. Subsequent models came from Opel ('94 SB and '01 XC) and Daewoo in South Korea ('05 TK).
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Make: Holden

Model: Camira

Released: Aug 1982

Discontinued: Jul 1989

Holden's first front-wheel drive model belatedly replaced the UC Torana/Sunbird range. Called the Camira, it impressed with a sophisticated and dynamic European flavour, but suffered severely for a lack of quality.
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Make: Holden

Model: Jackaroo

Released: Nov 1981

Discontinued: Sep 2004

Derived from the Isuzu Rodeo light truck, the Jackaroo 4WD wagon went on to grow and develop into a tough yet refined family SUV. But despite winning over critics, it never really cracked the big time against rivals like the Mitsubishi Pajero.
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Make: Holden

Model: Rodeo

Released: Jan 1981

Discontinued: Jun 2008

Before 1981 Holden marketed the Isuzu Utility light truck under its Japanese name, but switched to the Rodeo brand as it attempted to wrestle some sales from the increasingly popular Toyota HiLux and Nissan utes.
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Top^From 1970 to 1979

Make: Holden

Model: Commodore

Released: Nov 1978

"A new kind of car for Australia" was the original, VB Commodore's introductory tag line, as it went on to replace the venerable Kingswood as Holden's family car from the late 1970s.
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Make: Holden

Model: Gemini

Released: Mar 1975

Discontinued: Jun 1987

Two distinct Gemini small cars were sold in Australia - the hugely successful TX-TG rear-drive original, and the miserable failure that was the front-wheel drive RB version of the mid-'80s.
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Make: Holden

Model: Statesman

Released: Oct 1974

Discontinued: Aug 2010

The first Caprice was prefixed by the Statesman badge as Holden's HQ-HZ Kingswood-derived reply to Ford's extended LTD sedan, but the latter, Commodore-derived Caprice cars became their own models, with distinct visual differentation.
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