Ford Falcon

XM Falcon

Ford logo1 Feb 1964

Ford finally figured out how to build the Falcon Aussie-tough, thanks to extensive local testing and new proving ground facilities.

Larger front suspension ball joints and heavy-duty springs were devised, along with a revised engine range (72kW/182Nm 2.4/144cu 83kW/212Nm 2.8 “Pursuit 170” and new 90kW/237Nm 3.3 “Super Pursuit 200”).

Big styling changes included a big new nose, squared-off rear with higher-set round tail-lights, as well as the July ’64 introduction of a sleek two-door coupe (that never sold to expectations, but is now a big collectors' item).

But consumers were wary and Holden was flying much, much higher with its iconic EH range.

Despite Ford openly touting the XM’s new-found strength "Certified Golden Quality", only 47,132 were built.

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