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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Ford

Model: Endura

Released: Dec 2018

Ford released its first Endura five-seat large SUV in December 2018 with a three-grade line-up.

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Make: Ford

Model: Everest

Released: Oct 2015

Ford might have announced that it would close its Australian manufacturing operations, but its design and engineering arm were kept very busy with the development and design of the Everest seven-seat SUV.
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Make: Ford

Model: Transit

Released: Feb 2014

FORD released the sixth-generation Transit in early 2014, with the Custom taking care of one-tonne market duties in base 2.93-metre (short) wheelbase and – from June 2014 – 3.3m (long) wheelbase 330L guises.
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Make: Ford

Model: EcoSport

Released: Nov 2013

Ford entered the sub-compact SUV segment in late 2013 with its Fiesta-based Indian-built EcoSport crossover that was a rival for the likes of the Holden Trax, Peugeot 2008 and Nissan Juke.
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Make: Ford

Model: Kuga

Released: Mar 2012

Discontinued: Feb 2017

A late and short-lived modern entry to Australia's booming compact SUV market came in the shape of Ford's Kuga, introduced just before its successor was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva motor show.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Ford

Model: Ranger

Released: Jan 2007

FORD frankly could not wait to dump the old Courier name and adopt the international Ranger moniker for its new light commercial vehicle range.
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Make: Ford

Model: Territory

Released: Jun 2004

Ford's first locally built 4WD wagon was loosely based on the BA Falcon project, but introduced a new body and interior, a revised drivetrain and a different front suspension design - quickly winning over critics and SUV buyers alike.
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Make: Ford

Model: Fiesta

Released: Apr 2004

The Fiesta dates back three generations to 1976, when it took on European babies like the Renault R5 in the burgeoning light car/supermini class.

Subsequent generations in 1988 and 1995 never made it locally, but Ford Australia finally deemed the Fiesta suitable for us when it acquired a larger 1.6-litre engine and conventional automatic transmission.
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Make: Ford

Model: Focus

Released: Sep 2002

Five years late and burdened with bearing a sky-high reputation, the Focus found it difficult to fire in Australia when launched in 2002, and barely improved on its dumpy Japanese-made KQ Laser predecessor.

High introduction pricing, a dated cabin and lacklustre entry-level DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engines didn’t help either but the Focus got its mojo in subsequent generations.
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Make: Ford

Model: Escape

Released: Feb 2001

Both Ford and Mazda co-operated on a light 4WD wagon rival for Toyota's popular RAV4, and the resulting Escape is built alongside its Mazda Tribute twin in Japan.
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Make: Ford

Model: Mustang

Released: Feb 2001

If Ford had waited until the 2005 US Mustang became available it may have had a credible and alluring alternative to the Holden Monaro. As the '01 model stood, it was nothing more than a badly packaged and chest-wigged throwback to the glories of yesteryear. But its lovely 4.6-litre V8 almost made the Mustang's brief return to Australia worthwhile.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Ford

Model: Ka

Released: Nov 1999

Discontinued: Dec 2003

Based on the late 1990s European Ford Fiesta never sold in Australia, the Ford Ka was a styling and dynamic revelation, adding a huge dose of fun and practicality to the hitherto dull baby class. But steep pricing (due in part to a generous specification) and the lack of a five-door and automatic guises scuttled the seriously underrated Ka's chances of finding success.
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Make: Ford

Model: Cougar

Released: Oct 1999

Discontinued: Mar 2004

Based on the first-generation front-wheel drive Mondeo platform, the Cougar came from America as the replacement for the unfortunately named Probe. But despite distinctive styling, long equipment levels and a powerful V6, buyers ignored this particular Cougar to extinction.
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Make: Ford

Model: Explorer

Released: Oct 1996

Discontinued: Dec 2007

Wildly popular in the United States, the Explorer combines a truck-derived platform with a 4WD wagon body, and the result is a strong workhorse. But don't expect car-like refinement here.
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Make: Ford

Model: Taurus

Released: Mar 1996

Discontinued: Sep 1998

In the early 1990s Ford's US head office almost scuttled the Australian-developed Falcon for the second-generation, front-wheel drive Taurus sedan and wagon. Which is just as well since the model bombed spectacularly here.
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Make: Ford

Model: Mondeo

Released: Jul 1995

FORD Australia returned to the medium segment in late 2007 with a sleek new Mondeo. As the third-generation Ford to wear the moniker, it is a different car to the last Mondeo which rolled out of showrooms in 2000, with far more interior space, an upgraded interior and more of an emphasis on driving dynamics.
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Make: Ford

Model: Probe

Released: Jul 1994

Discontinued: Jan 1998

Australia had to wait until the Probe Mk2 of 1994 which was spawned off the MX-6 (the fourth-generation 1991-1997 edition), the Ford differed from its Mazda stablemate by being a three-door hatchback rather than a two-door coupe.
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Make: Ford

Model: Festiva

Released: Oct 1991

Discontinued: Dec 2000

The Festiva was a South Korean-built variation of the first and second-generation Mazda 121 light car, licenced to Kia Motors when Ford had a relationship with it prior to Hyundai's takeover in the late 1990s.
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Top^From 1980 to 1989

Make: Ford

Model: Corsair

Released: Nov 1989

Discontinued: Dec 1992

Nissan and Ford collaborated in bringing the 'Matilda' project to market in Australia, as their respective replacements for the ungainly rear-drive Pintara and expensive Mazda-sourced Telstar. But the front-drive Corsair was a disaster, with sub-standard levels of refinement and quality in a dull and uninspiring package. That it helped brought down Nissan Australia's local manufacturing arm is no surprise - the Corsair was perhaps the worst Ford sold here since the Cortina.
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Make: Ford

Model: Capri

Released: Oct 1989

Discontinued: Jul 1994

Ford's first exclusively locally made four-seater convertible was based on 1985-1989 Ford Laser running gear, but featured its own body and cabin. If the airbag-related delays that saw the prettier and punchier Mazda MX-5 beat the Capri on the world market didn't happen, then perhaps the car's eventual fate would have been much sunnier.
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Make: Ford

Model: Telstar

Released: May 1983

Discontinued: Nov 1996

Ford's replacement for the rear-drive Cortina was based on the first front-wheel drive Mazda 626 of 1982, but featured different front and rear bodywork as well as a mildly revised interior.
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Make: Ford

Model: Laser

Released: Mar 1981

Discontinued: Aug 2002

Based on the second-generation Mazda 323, the front-wheel drive Laser exploded onto the small-car market in Australia, instantly rendering its mostly rear-drive Toyota Corolla and Holden Gemini foes obsolete, making it a landmark car.
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Top^From 1960 to 1969

Make: Ford

Model: Fairlane

Released: Mar 1967

Discontinued: Dec 2007

Ford single-handedly invented the local long-wheelbase segment in Australia when it had the bright idea of stretching a Falcon, adding a Fairlane badge, throwing in a few extra creature comforts and sticking a steeper sticker price on it to create a unique local luxury car experience.
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Make: Ford

Model: Fairmont

Released: Aug 1965

Discontinued: Mar 2008

It took Ford Australia three years to release a suitable competitor to Holden's popular Premier series, after the lacklustre Futura failed to ignite buyer interest. Based on the 1965 XP Falcon, the Fairmont added 'luxury' items as well as its own special trim, and has remained with the series ever since.
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Make: Ford

Model: Falcon Ute

Released: Sep 1960

Ford claims that it invented the coupe-based utility, so the swift appearance of an XK Falcon-based utility was no surprise. And unlike Holden, there's been one available continuously ever since.
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Make: Ford

Model: Falcon

Released: Sep 1960

Ford's response to the all-conquering Holden was to cease sourcing the British Zephyr and instead manufacture the compact US Falcon range in Australia at a new site in the north of Melbourne.
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