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Holden teases final Commodore

Holden on: The VF Series II Commodore will be revealed within days, but Holden has released a teaser image to keep fans excited.

Image of last Holden Commodore released ahead of official reveal this weekend


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Holden logo7 Sep 2015


GM HOLDEN has teased the final Australian-built Commodore on social media ahead of its official unveiling this weekend.

The VF Series II Commodore will carry through from its local on-sale date in October to later in 2017, when the car-maker closes its manufacturing operations in Port Melbourne and Adelaide for good.

The last Aussie-built Commodore is expected to feature subtle styling tweaks given the VF Commodore was only arrived in mid 2013.

While the image Holden released is dark and grainy, it reveals that the VF Series II will gain light styling upgrades such as a fresh front bumper, headlights, and possibly changes to the grille, while the tail-end of all variants – sedan, Sportwagon and Ute – are unlikely to change.

Various changes are expected in the cabin, with updates to the MyLink infotainment system and the possibility of new trim and other interior tweaks.

While the exterior changes will be subtle, there are likely to be bigger changes under the bonnet of performance-honed variants, with a meatier 300kW-plus 6.2-litre LS3 V8 set take the place of the current model’s 270kW 6.0-litre V8 in at least one version of the Commodore.

As reported by GoAuto, Holden looks set to adopt Buick style vents, or ventiports in Buick speak, sitting just in front of the A-pillars.

Holden is referring to the VF Series II as “the greatest Commodore ever built” on its Facebook page where it published the teaser image. It is also offering Commodore fans the chance to register to be a social media journalist for a day at the reveal next weekend.

Once local production ceases, the Commodore name will live on as an as-yet unidentified model from General Motors' global portfolio of models. The front-wheel drive car is likely to be built off the global GM E2XX platform that will underpin the next-generation Opel Insignia and Chevrolet Malibu.

It remains unclear where the next-generation Commodore will be sourced from, but GM's extensive global network means it could be built in Europe, the United States, South Korea or China.

More information about the VF Series II Commodore will be revealed at its unveiling this weekend. GoAuto will have all the details from the reveal.

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