Toyota Corolla

KE70 Series II Corolla

Toyota logo1 Oct 1983

Toyota issued a revised KE70 with a fashionably back-slanted nose, new cabin trim, improved ride and handling properties and – at last – the option of a 58kW 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine (known as the 4A) on higher-end models.

The Hi-Cam 1.3 4KC became the standard engine, the S was the new base model, the CS replaced the SE, the XX turned into the luxury CS-X and the wagon and panel van gained a higher roof for added luggage capacity.

A limited-run stripped-out L sedan was available in some areas, while the Spirit added the 1.6 4A unit, sporty wheels and a spoiler to the regular Corolla sedan.

This was the final rear-drive Corolla sold in Australia.

Around 3.5 million KE70 units were manufactured worldwide.

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