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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Toyota

Model: C-HR

Released: Feb 2017

Late to the party, Toyota entered the compact SUV segment in February 2017 with its C-HR crossover, otherwise known as Coupe High-Rider.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Fortuner

Released: Oct 2015

Toyota threw its hat in the LCV-based wagon ring for the first time in more than two decades with the arrival of the Hilux-based Fortuner.

Starting from $47,990 and made available range-wide in six-speed manual and automatic guises, the seven-seater boasted serious off-road and towing prowess with more civilised road manners.

The model range was available in GX, GXL and new Crusade models with the 2.8-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder powerplant was shared with the HiLux and upgraded Prado.
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Make: Toyota

Model: 86

Released: Jun 2012

TOYOTA stunned the sports car world with lower-than-expected pricing for its long-anticipated return to the affordable sportscar scene.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Prius V

Released: May 2012

Toyota added a third variant of its petrol-electric Prius range to its line-up in May 2012 in the form of the seven-seat Prius V people mover.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Prius C

Released: Mar 2012

Toyota released the Prius C light car in March 2012 to take the fight to Honda for the title of Australia’s cheapest hybrid. The little Toyota won the contest, undercutting the Honda Insight by $6,000.
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Make: Toyota

Model: FJ Cruiser

Released: Mar 2011

FIVE YEARS LATE but suitably updated, Toyota’s long-awaited FJ Cruiser finally arrived in Australia from early 2011 in a single, well-specified model.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Rukus

Released: May 2010

Discontinued: Oct 2015

The Rukus, aimed at the 'iPod generation,' competed with the Kia Soul for domination of a small niche. The Rukus name is exclusive to Australia and the same car has been sold as the xB in the United States under Toyota’s youth-oriented Scion brand, and as the Toyota Corolla Rumion in Japan.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser 200

Released: Oct 2007

TOYOTA'S eighth-generation LandCruiser arrived in Australia – the world's biggest market for the world's largest car-maker's largest model – almost a decade after the 100 Series set new standards against which all full-size off-roaders are now measured.
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Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser 70

Released: Apr 2007

The revised 70-series LandCruiser is a development of the mid-'80s 75-series utility and workhorses, and 78-series introduced in late '99. Featuring a new 4.5-litre common-rail direct-injection intercooled turbo-diesel V8. Variants include cab-chassis and troop carrier, with a new wagon model added to the range.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Aurion

Released: Oct 2006

TOYOTA’S previous large-car assault was the Avalon, an outmoded American sedan based on an early ‘90s Camry. It flopped badly. The Aurion, on the other hand, was Toyota’s most strident attack on Holden’s Commodore, the Mitsubishi 380, Nissan Maxima, Honda Accord V6 and Ford’s Falcon.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Yaris

Released: Nov 2005

Conceived in Europe, the Yaris arrived in late 2005 as the state-of-the-art replacement for the extremely and deservedly popular Echo. High space efficiency, new levels of safety and a futuristic monobox design are Yaris highlights.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Kluger

Released: Nov 2003

The Kluger is a car-based 4WD wagon built in Japan, derived from the Camry platform and twinned underneath with the Lexus RX series, so it boasts a high level of refinement.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Avensis

Released: Dec 2001

Discontinued: Dec 2010

Toyota's answer to the Honda Odyssey is the Avensis, a seven-seater four-door wagon with front-wheel drive and a versatile interior layout.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Prius

Released: Oct 2001

A landmark car in automotive history, the Prius was launched in Japan in late 1997, bringing in the world's first production petrol-electric hybrid vehicle. Subsequent iterations have became a runaway success, especially in the United States.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Avalon

Released: Jul 2000

Discontinued: Mar 2006

Toyota's first serious attempt at a Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore rival was the Avalon, a front-wheel drive sedan based on the 1993-1997 Camry. It was designed in and for American consumption initially, and was available there from 1994 to 2000. So the Avalon we saw from 2000 to 2005 was obsolete.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Toyota

Model: Echo

Released: Oct 1999

Discontinued: Oct 2005

Toyota had been offering the dull but dependable Starlet since the 1970s with great success in Japan but buyer indifference in Europe, so it created the fresh and futuristic Echo (Yaris in Europe) in 1999 - to an enthusiastic reception. For the Mk2 model from late '05 Toyota in Australia was forced to switch to the Yaris name.
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Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser 78

Released: Oct 1999

Discontinued: Apr 2007

The 78-series LandCruiser is a development of the mid-'80s 75-series utility and workhorses, introduced in late '99.
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Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser

Released: Mar 1998

Discontinued: Nov 2007

The largest and most refined LandCruiser to date still has the off-road abilities to rival any other serious 4WD, but features more space and refinement than at any other time in its 50-year career. But it still feels like a big truck to drive.
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Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser Prado

Released: Jul 1996

Toyota's response to the burgeoning popularity of mid-sized full-frame 4WD wagons like the Mitsubishi Pajero, the Prado has established itself as a versatile on-road off-roader.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Starlet

Released: Apr 1996

Discontinued: Oct 1999

Toyota was late to the light-car party, but the Starlet was one of the best in its day, combining zippy performance, a spacious body and refined comfort in a pleasant - if dull - hatchback package.
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Make: Toyota

Model: RAV4

Released: Jul 1994

With a Camry engine built on a Corolla platform and using a Celica all-wheel drive transaxle, the original RAV4 was a mish-mash of various Toyotas fashioned within a mini-LandCruiser 4WD wagon body. The result was a sales sensation.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Spacia

Released: Oct 1993

Discontinued: Feb 2002

The 1993 Spacia was a 1980s Tarago van cobbled up and sold cheaply in Australia at a time when exchange rates priced the once-popular '90-'00 Tarago out of contention for many budget families, while the '98 successor used the TownAce van body.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Paseo

Released: Jul 1991

Discontinued: Dec 1999

The front-wheel drive Paseo was an inexpensive coupe based on a Toyota light-car of the 1990s. But despite a twin-cam engine and racy styling, the Paseo was no sports car at all.
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Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser 80

Released: Mar 1990

Discontinued: Feb 1998

After the tough and utilitarian LandCruiser 60-series wagon, the 80-series was a far-more civilised 4WD, with refinements like coil suspension, a car-like interior and (eventually) modern engines.
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Top^From 1980 to 1989

Make: Toyota

Model: MR2

Released: Oct 1987

Discontinued: Mar 2006

Over three-generations, the Toyota MR2 - for midship runabout 2-seater - has established itself as a serious little sports car proposition, boasting a mid-engine drivetrain driving the rear wheels through a high-output four-cylinder engine.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Camry

Released: Apr 1983

The front-wheel drive Camry replaced the rear-drive Corona as Toyota's mid-sized family car in 1987, four years after the series was launched as a prestige hatchback.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Tarago

Released: Feb 1983

The first Tarago was a forward-control van with fancy trim and seven seats, but Toyota produced a specific and brilliant mid-engined rear-drive futuristic replacement in 1990. Subsequent models were less exotic, being based on the front-drive Camry platform.
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Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser 60

Released: Nov 1980

Discontinued: Apr 1990

The 60-series LandCruiser was the big Toyota's 4WD family wagon of the 1980s, introducing more car-like features as urban buyers were beginning to think about SUVs.
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Top^From 1960 to 1969

Make: Toyota

Model: Hiace

Released: Jul 1968

HiAce is the forward-control van Toyota has sold worldwide since the 1960s, mimicking the VW Kombi concept but offering unrivalled reliability into the mix.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Hilux

Released: Jul 1968

Toyota's 'Highly Luxurious' light truck was anything but in the early days, with a bench seat and a rough-and-ready chassis, but its sheer strength and reliability over the years means that HiLux is a byword for its segment.
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Make: Toyota

Model: Corolla

Released: Jun 1967

The world's most produced series, the Corolla small car has become a byword for economy, reliability and dependability worldwide, and continues to be a favourite as a result. Earlier editions were rear-drive many have been Australian-built latter models have come out of South Africa. Currently all corolla models sourced solely from Japan.
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