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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Suzuki

Model: Baleno

Released: Jul 2016

Almost 15 years after discontinuing the Baleno nameplate, Suzuki reintroduced its diminutive hatchback to the Australian market in mid-2016.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: Celerio

Released: Feb 2015

The Suzuki Celerio micro-car hit dealerships in February 2015, after Suzuki performed brake rectification work to 150 cars affected by a pre-production issue.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: S-Cross

Released: Dec 2013

Launched in late 2013, Suzuki’s new generation S-Cross was a replacement for its SX4 crossover.

The S-Cross came with a choice of two-wheel or all-wheel-drive and was available across three different trim levels, the GL, GLX and GLX Prestige.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: Kizashi

Released: May 2010

Discontinued: Feb 2017

Japanese car-maker Suzuki leapt into the mid-size segment with the Kizashi in 2010 with two specifications and a 2.4-litre four cylinder petrol engine capable of 131kW.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Suzuki

Model: Alto

Released: Aug 2009

Discontinued: Jan 2015

UNTIL Suzuki’s affordable sub-light Alto hatchback went on sale in Australia in August 2009, the only micro-car available here was the Smart ForTwo.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: SX4

Released: Jan 2007

Discontinued: Dec 2013

SUZUKI is making the most from the Swift’s platform architecture. The Swift has sold up a storm in most markets where it has been launched and the SX4, which uses Swift underpinnings looks set to follow.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: APV

Released: Jul 2005

Suzuki released its Carry van successor, the APV commercial van in mid-2005, aimed at the budget end of the light delivery van segment.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: Liana

Released: Oct 2001

Discontinued: Aug 2007

Liana stands for 'Life In A New Age', a suitable acronym for Suzuki's small-car successor to the stupendously dull Baleno. It features front-wheel drive, hatchback and sedan configurations and a spacious interior.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: XL-7

Released: Jan 2001

Discontinued: Jan 2006

As the name suggests, the XL-7 was an extra-large seven-seater Suzuki, based on the 1998-2005 Grand Vitara and so sharing much of that vehicle's separate chassis hardware.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: Ignis

Released: Oct 2000

After a 12-year hiatus Suzuki resurrected the Ignis name with an all-new model that brought unmistakable Japanese retro styling and a wide range of customisation options, wrapped up in a deceptively spacious body.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Suzuki

Model: Jimny

Released: Oct 1998

Jimny is a decades-old name Suzuki has used abroad for its light 4WD wagon. It replaced the long-running Sierra.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: Grand Vitara

Released: Apr 1998

As the name implies, Grand Vitara was the name Suzuki bestowed on the larger second-generation 4WD wagon that had to battle the spectacularly popular Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Subaru Forester.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: X-90

Released: Apr 1996

Discontinued: May 1998

Built on the first-generation Vitara platform, the poorly received Suzuki X-90 was an oddball mix of two-seater coupe, high-rise SUV and compact city car - with none of any of these types of vehicles' advantages.
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Make: Suzuki

Model: Baleno

Released: Apr 1995

Discontinued: Nov 2001

Suzuki expanded its passenger car range in the 1990s to include the sub-Toyota Corolla-sized Baleno. But the front-wheel drive hatchback, sedan and wagon Suzuki suffered from a sorry lack of style and pizzazz.
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