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Hyundai Getz a lift

Nip and tuck: With 1.4 and 1.6 power, the popular Getz is gutsier for 2006.

Look out Barina! Hyundai battens down its hatch with a facelifted Getz

Hyundai logo25 Jul 2005


HYUNDAI will release a significantly re-engineered TB-series Getz at the Sydney motor show in October, a little over three years after the model’s launch.

New 70kW 1.4 and 79kW 1.6-litre engines will oust the current 60kW 1.3 and 74kW 1.5-litre units for more power and better fuel economy. Increased refinement, improved safety and an updated cabin are also part of the changes, along with a new nose and tail-light treatment.

Despite the extra features and bigger powerplants Hyundai in Australia is negotiating with head office in South Korea to maintain the current $13,990 opening price.

To date, almost 550,000 Getz (or Click, overseas) cars have found homes worldwide, while the model had its best sales month in June with over 2200 units sold.

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