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Sharper: DB9 Sports Pack comprises new wheels and firmer, lower suspension.

Aston Martin to add more edge to its DB9 Coupe via a firmer and lower sports pack

Aston Martin logo5 May 2006


ASTON MARTIN will offer a factory-fit "Sports Pack" specification option for its DB9 Coupe later this year, which combines retuned suspension with a new alloy wheel design to create "subtly different" driving dynamics.

New five-spoke 19-inch forged aluminium wheels are lighter (by more than 1kg each), spring rates are increased by 68 per cent (front) and 64 per cent (rear), the front anti-roll bar is modified and the ride height lowered by 6mm.

The composite undertray is also replaced by a load-bearing aluminium panel, which performs the same function in managing underbody airflow while adding further structural stiffness.

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