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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Tiguan Allspace

Released: Aug 2018

In mid 2018, Volkswagen launched the Allspace version of the Tiguan.
Maintaining the same powertrains as the Tiguan short wheelbase, key visual differences included 215mm of extra length (to 4701mm), a corresponding wheelbase stretch (by 109mm to 2790mm), and completely different bodywork aft of the B-pillar that brings with it wider rear doors and C-pillar side glass as well as 106mm of more rear overhang.
Moreover, a raised bonnet (to make the SUV more aggressive-looking for the US market, which only takes the Allspace version in both five and seven-seater set-ups) and more chrome in the grille were also applied. Weight penalties are in the region of 130kg-plus, give or take.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Arteon

Released: Nov 2017

Volkswagen launched its most highly specced car ever in November 2017, with the Passat CC-replacing Arteon.

The Arteon was launched in a single specification, using a 206kW 2.0-litre petrol engine and all-wheel-drive system from the brand’s Golf R hatch.

At 4862mm long, the four-door Arteon is similar in length to cars such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS and BMW 6 Series coupe.

Built upon the MQB platform, it is 95mm longer than the VW Passat with a 50mm longer wheelbase.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Up!

Released: Oct 2012

Discontinued: Apr 2014

Volkswagen launched its Up sub-light car in October 2012 with a competitive starting price and a quirky design that set it apart from its competitors.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Scirocco

Released: Sep 2011

Discontinued: Nov 2016

VOLKSWAGEN'S sought-after Scirocco finally arrived in Australia in 2011, five months after order books opened here and nearly four years after the slinky coupe first appeared in Europe.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Amarok

Released: Feb 2011

Discontinued: Nov 2016

The VW Amarok was the first member of the one-tonne utility segment to offer a five-star safety rating, electronic stability control, four airbags and sub-8.0L/100km fuel consumption across the range.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Transporter

Released: Mar 2010

VOLKSWAGEN reskinned its long-lived Transporter range in time for 2016, bringing lower prices, an improved and more car-like cabin, available advanced driver safety tech, and additional variants into the fold.

Essentially a heavily modified version of the T5 series launched a dozen years ago (but revamped in 2010), it remained an all diesel-proposition.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Volkswagen

Model: CC

Released: Feb 2009

Volkswagen’s audacious four-door Passat coupe came at a premium over the Passat sedan but had more equipment and a fresh design. All models came standard with Nappa leather trim and heated seats for the both the front and rear passengers.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Caddy

Released: Dec 2008

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life may well have a very strong commercial flavour (it is effectively a Caddy Maxi van with extra seats, windows and trim).
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Tiguan

Released: May 2008

The Tiguan was Volkswagen’s first compact SUV and for a minimal premium over the Japanese mainstream competitors it added European flair and plenty of standard features.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Caddy

Released: May 2008

Volkswagen started to grow its commercial vehicle range beyond the Transporter when it introduced the Caddy in 2004. Volkswagen also saw the opportunity to fill the gap between Caddy and T5 Transporter by in 2008 releasing an extended platform version of the Caddy called the Caddy Maxi Van.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Eos

Released: Mar 2007

Discontinued: Sep 2013

THE curiously named Eos coupe-convertible is Volkswagen’s long-overdue replacement for the last in a succession of Golf Cabriolets, which was discontinued here in March 2003.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Crafter

Released: Mar 2007

Early in 2007, Volkswagen released the Crafter large van and cab-chassis range which replaced the long-running LT series.

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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Caddy

Released: Jun 2006

The Caddy Life is a Golf V small based platform, van-derived people-mover aimed at frugal urbanites. It shares the same body structure and mechanicals as the Caddy light commercial vehicle introduced in February last year.Both are built in Poland.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Jetta

Released: Feb 2006

The Jetta replaced the slow-selling Bora as the Volkswagen's small sedan offering, marking a return to the 1970s name for the model that proved popular in the United States and Canada.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Touareg

Released: Sep 2003

Co-developed with Porsche, the Touareg 4WD wagon is a rival to luxury SUVs like the Mercedes ML and Range Rover, and has a number of high-performance engines to suit.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Beetle

Released: Jan 2000

Discontinued: Mar 2017

VW's New Beetle was not a re-issue of the 1930s-era original, but a re-interpretation of the once big-selling small car, with front-wheel drive, a front-sited engine and a hatchback body hiding a Golf Mk4 underneath.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Bora

Released: Dec 1999

Discontinued: Jan 2006

The fourth-generation Golf spawned a record number of off-shoots for Audi, Seat, Skoda and of course VW - with the Bora being a four-door sedan version of VW's top-seller that proved big in North America but decidedly less so everywhere else.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Polo

Released: Oct 1996

Australia missed the 1970s Mk1 and 1980s Mk2 Polo light cars, but received the third-generation models from late '96. Few expected the $20,000-plus Barina-sized VW to work, but the Polo carved a small niche for itself in this country.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Vento

Released: Jun 1995

Discontinued: Dec 1996

Few Australians warmed to the VW Vento - the four-door sedan version of the patchy Golf Mk3. Ungainly styling and very high prices put most punters off. At least its '99 Bora replacement was much easier on the eyes.
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Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf

Released: Sep 1990

Discontinued: Jun 2016

Originally devised in the late 1970s and built by Karmann (of Karmann Ghia fame), the Golf Cabriolet was available in Mk1 ('79-'93), Mk3 ('93-'02) and Mk6 (2011-on) Golf guises, although Australia only received the original Mk1 model from late 1990.
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