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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Nissan

Model: Juke

Released: Apr 2015

NISSAN’S controversially styled Juke has been relaunched in Australia with a raft of improvements and unique features that the company hopes will push it front and centre of compact SUV buyers’ shortlists.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Qashqai

Released: Jul 2014

NISSAN launched the J11 Qashqai in the middle of 2014.

Replacing the popular J10 Dualis – that carried the Qashqai name in most other markets globally anyway – the newcomer eschewed all-wheel drive and the +2 version for a range of petrol and diesel powered offerings in the compact SUV segment.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Altima

Released: Nov 2013

Discontinued: Apr 2017

Nissan released its new mid-size sedan in November 2013 and competed against segment stalwarts, Toyota Camry and Mazda6. The Altima was made available in four different flavours, the ST, ST-L, Ti and Ti-S, all coupled with a continuously variable automatic transmission.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Almera

Released: Aug 2012

Discontinued: Jul 2014

NISSAN entered the light-car sedan segment for the first time with the Almera.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Leaf

Released: Jun 2012

AUSTRALIA’S first mainstream five-seater electric vehicle is the Leaf by Nissan.
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Make: Nissan

Model: 370Z

Released: Apr 2010

In early 2010 Nissan released the 370Z Roadster, with product, performance, safety, and value-for-money improvements over the old car designed to keep the convertible competitive against the Audi TT and BMW 135i soft top.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Nissan

Model: GT-R

Released: Feb 2009

Blink and you’d miss it. Nissan’s brutal ‘R35’ GT-R followed in the giant-killing footsteps of its illustrious forebears by combining electric speed with a vast array of technological wizardry. The icing on the cake was its price tag, which hovered around the $150K mark (less than half that of its competitors).
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Make: Nissan

Model: Dualis

Released: Jan 2008

Discontinued: Jun 2014

NISSAN Australia's new Dualis city-slicker wagon has a dual personality that straddles the compact SUV and small-car segments. Sharing many components with the Nissan X-Trail, which has considerable bush-bashing ability, but it is not designed to go off-road.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Tiida

Released: Feb 2006

Discontinued: Feb 2013

AFTER a quarter of a century flogging Pulsars, Nissan Australia was forced to adopt the global ‘Tiida’ name for its replacement small car, despite heated objections to head office in Japan.

At its release, the completely new Tiida came in four models, the entry ST sedan and hatch, ST-L sedan and hatch, Q hatch and Ti.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Murano

Released: Aug 2005

Discontinued: Jun 2015

Nissan's rival to the popular Lexus RX range arrived in the form of the futuristic five-seater Murano 4WD wagon.Underneath lurked the innards of the Nissan Maxima, so a soft, car-like drive was assured.
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Make: Nissan

Model: 350Z

Released: Feb 2003

Discontinued: Apr 2009

The all-new 350Z was faster, lighter, rawer and much more exciting than its impressive '89-'97 300ZX predecessor, displaying a single-purpose sports car objective not seen since the revered 1970 Datsun 240Z original. A true modern classic.
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Make: Nissan

Model: X-Trail

Released: Oct 2001

Nissan's take on the light/medium 4WD market is the X-Trail, a roomy and powerful four-door wagon with part-time all-wheel drive. It has proved a resounding success against rivals such as the Honda CR-V.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Nissan

Model: Micra

Released: May 1995

Discontinued: Apr 2016

Nissan’s long-time coming Micra facelift has finally surfaced in Australia, more than two years after the first pictures of it were released, but with pricing and features designed to make a splash in the Micro (sub-B) segment.
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Make: Nissan

Model: 200SX

Released: Oct 1994

Discontinued: Dec 2003

Nissan's 200SX was a latter day version of the Silvia sports coupe sold in Australia under the Datsun name from 1966 to 1968. It sold disappointingly in impressive S14 200SX guise, but really caught the public's imagination when the revamped S15 arrived in late '00.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Serena

Released: Oct 1992

Discontinued: Nov 1995

Nissan's Serena was a seven-seater people mover dressed in a modern and very car-like body. But it was designed for congested cities, so the Serena's slim proportions seemed odd for Australia. It was not a sales success.
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Make: Nissan

Model: NX

Released: Oct 1991

Discontinued: Jan 1996

Nissan replaced the successful EXA range with an oddly styled N14 Pulsar coupe derivative that at least offered a higher level of dynamics and refinement.
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Make: Nissan

Model: GT-R

Released: Jun 1991

Discontinued: Feb 1993

The R32 Skyline-based GTR coupe was a supercar in all but appearance, offering towering performance and astonishing 4WD assisted handling and grip. It became an instant classic.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Maxima

Released: May 1990

Discontinued: Oct 2013

Nissan's prestige car contender began life as a stretched Bluebird with six-cylinders, but the models had diverged visually by the time the front-wheel drive V6 model arrived to lukewarm reviews in mid-'90.
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Top^From 1980 to 1989

Make: Nissan

Model: Pathfinder

Released: Dec 1986

The Pathfinder was Nissan's response to the Toyota HiLux-based 4Runner. Interestingly the first model was Navara truck-based, the second generation had its own monocoque chassis while the '05 Mk3 Pathfinder went back to the Navara.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Pintara

Released: Jun 1986

Discontinued: Oct 1992

The first Pintara was a four-cylinder version of the boxy R31 Skyline, while the second generation model was the late '80s Japanese Bluebird twinned with the equally unpopular Ford Corsair. Either way it failed to make an impact, contributing to Nissan Australia's local production demise in 1992
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Make: Nissan

Model: Navara

Released: Feb 1986

Nissan finally updated its Navara line up in May 2015, ditching the two-model arrangement of selling the D22 and D40 models side-by-side and introducing the brand new, Thai-built NP300.
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Make: Nissan

Model: 300ZX

Released: May 1984

Discontinued: Mar 1997

The first 300ZX is considered the nadir of the once-great Nissan Z-car series, so it's a surprise that the company chose to keep the name for the completely different and vastly better '89-'97 next-generation series.
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Make: Nissan

Model: EXA

Released: Oct 1983

Discontinued: Oct 1991

Over two Pulsar generations ('83 N12 and '87 N13) the EXA was a sporty and sprightly 2+2 seater version, using the same basic front-drive mechanicals but substituting the regular engines for turbo-charging (N12) and twin-cam multi-valve (N13) units.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Pulsar

Released: Oct 1980

Discontinued: Apr 2017

The original N11 Pulsar pipped the Mazda 323 as the first mainstream Japanese front-wheel drive small-car hatchback to Australia, replacing the rear-drive Datsun Sunny range.
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Top^From 1970 to 1979

Make: Nissan

Model: Datsun 280ZX

Released: Mar 1979

Discontinued: May 1984

Looking like a larger, stretched 260Z, the 280ZX was a bloated, softly sprung celebrity shadow of its former sinewy self, turning the Z-car concept into a boulevard cruising joke. And it got worse before it got better too.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Skyline

Released: Mar 1978

Discontinued: Dec 1990

The first Skyline arrived to Australia as a Prince, from 1964 to 1968. But Nissan's merger with the small Japanese company saw its models continue as Datsuns in the 1970s (240K) and the Nissan Skyline from 1978 to 1990. The R32 GTR was also a Skyline.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Datsun 260Z

Released: May 1974

Discontinued: Feb 1979

A longer wheelbase introduced a 2+2 seating arrangement to the Z-car, with a 2.6 engine turning it into the 260Z. But the extra weight and larger motor began to erode the spirit of the 240Z original as Datsun became interested in chasing profits.
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Make: Nissan

Model: Datsun 240Z

Released: Oct 1970

Discontinued: May 1974

Datsun's timeless 240Z was part Jag E-type to look at, and a real sports car to drive, with its in-line six-cylinder engine, five-speed gearbox and independent rear suspension. Datsun was on fire.
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