Mercedes-Benz SLK-class

SLK-class R171 Series II

Mercedes-Benz logo1 Jun 2008

It might not look much different, but Mercedes insists the updated SLK has 650 new components.

There was nothing really wrong with the sexy roadster, but Mercedes has given it a mid-life upgrade that makes this machine even more attractive.

It is still a two-seater with a metal folding roof and is available with three engines, a supercharged 1.8 four-cylinder, a 3.5 V6 and a 5.5 V8 for the AMG model.

Mercedes didn’t bother dropping in the 6.2 V8 found in other AMG models as the SLK 55 was already fast enough.

The changes include a new steering system, fresh audio system, revised exterior styling and upgraded engines.

What’s more, Mercedes is offering the new SLK base engines with a manual gearbox along side the regular automatics.

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