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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: GLC Coupe

Released: Nov 2016

The GLC Coupe arrived in Australia 10 months after its more conventional GLC SUV sibling, bringing a more sporty offering to do battle with BMW's X4.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: SLC

Released: Sep 2016

Mercedes-Benz introduced a facelifted version of its SLK roadster in September 2016, but the new model came with one very important difference – a name change to SLC.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: GLC

Released: Dec 2015

After years of watching the lucrative mid-size SUV segment boom without a right-hand drive contender of its own, Mercedes-Benz was finally able to offer the new GLC for the local market in late 2015.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: GLE

Released: Sep 2015

The new Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV took over from the ML-Class to streamline naming of the Benz SUVs and brought with the new badge a coupe variant, a nine-speed automatic and updated adaptive suspension systems.

The GLE was further distinguished by a revised bonnet profile, a new radiator grille, LED headlights with intelligent light system (as standard), tweaked front and rear bumpers, chrome tail pipes and new alloy wheels.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: GLE Coupe

Released: Sep 2015

The SUV Coupe segment was given a Mercedes-Benz member with the release of the new GLE range, which for the first time took on BMW head to head with an X6-opposing coupe.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: V-Class

Released: May 2015

The V-Class – the first Benz model to use this moniker – arrived in May 2015 with first deliveries starting in July, taking over from the soon to be discontinued Viano as the German car-maker's flagship MPV.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: V-Class

Released: May 2015

Mercedes-Benz discontinued its Viano people-mover and instead replaced it with the V-Class in May 2015, which was forecasted to be popular among limousine operators.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: GLA

Released: Apr 2014

Mercedes-Benz added another compact offering to its stable in 2014, the GLA crossover that shared much of its underpinnings with the A-Class hatch and CLA four-door coupe.

The jacked-up crossover went head to head with Audi’s Q3 and the BMQ X1 and was Benz’s entry level SUV.

Petrol and diesel engines were available, but the range was topped by the ballistic 265kW/450Nm GLA45 AMG that raced from zero to 100km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

It was also offered with all-wheel drive.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: CLA

Released: Oct 2013

In late 2013 Mercedes-Benz launched the third weapon in its “compact car offensive”, the CLA four-door coupe, charged with helping to reposition Mercedes in the eyes of customers, with the company working to lure entirely new buyers to the brand.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: Valente

Released: Mar 2012

In March 2012, Mercedes-Benz introduced a new commercial vehicle-based people-mover, dubbed the Valente, and repositioned the related Vito and Viano wagons in order to boost the luxury marque’s sales in the low-volume segment.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: SLS AMG

Released: Jul 2010

Discontinued: Apr 2014

July 2010 saw the release of one of the most anticipated sports cars in recent memory in the form of the Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: CLK-class

Released: Oct 2009

Discontinued: Feb 2010

It may have had an E-class-style nose, but the CLK is all C-class-based, albeit with a completely new body and interior presentation. Rear-drive models in four-, six- and eight-cylinder exist, in both two-door coupe and convertible guises.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: CLC-Class

Released: Aug 2008

Discontinued: Aug 2011

The compact CLC-class Sports Coupe arrived in Australia with a three-model range, all powered by the same 1.8-litre supercharged petrol engine and fitted with a standard five-speed automatic transmission. Although the CLC’s front-end styling suggested that it was based on the new W204 C-class sedan that was launched a year earlier, it was actually a development of the superseded C-class Sports Coupe that first appeared in 2001.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: GL-Class

Released: Nov 2006

TAKE the second-generation M-class, stretch it lengthways to accommodate one of the best third-row seats available, fit the otherwise optional dual-range transmission as standard, then wrap it in a chunky new body and, hey presto, the result is the biggest, most capable and most luxurious off-roader ever produced by Mercedes-Benz.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: Sprinter

Released: Oct 2006

In October 2006 Mercedes-Benz launched it range of Sprinter large vans, where it was offered in a bewildering array of no less than 43 variants covering panel vans, cab-chassis and dual cab-chassis.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: R-class

Released: Apr 2006

Discontinued: Sep 2013

Fitting essentially between the E-class wagon and M-class four-wheel drive, the six-seater R-class was aimed at people who want the versatility of a wagon but not quite the off-road ability of an SUV.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: B-Class

Released: Nov 2005

A stretched and rebodied W169 A-class II, the B-class took over where the W168 long-wheelbase model left off, offering significantly more rear legroom and luggage space. But its high pricing has come in for much criticism worldwide.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: Viano

Released: Jul 2005

Discontinued: May 2015

The Vito van-based Viano is a people mover Mercedes pitches against the Volkswagen Transporter-based Multivan models.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: CLS-class

Released: Jun 2005

Mercedes-Benz's inexorable diversification continues with the CLS, a German take on the classic Japanese four-door 'Hardtop' genre. Based on the E-class platform, the CLS was aimed at coupe buyers longing for style but looking for four-door practicality.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: A-class

Released: Oct 1998

Perhaps the most revolutionary small car of the 1990s, Mercedes' take on the VW Golf involved new thinking in construction, design, safety and engineering - although the A-class as a whole has been a patchy experience compared to its rapidly improving rivals.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: M-class

Released: Sep 1998

Discontinued: Aug 2015

Built in America to take on the Range Rover, the M-class Mercedes represented a more civilised take on the luxury 4WD wagon it first presented as the militaristic G-class off-roaders of the late 1970s.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: Vito

Released: Feb 1998

The Mercedes-Benz Vito, which gave birth to the Viano, arrived in Australia in 1998 as an addition to the Mercedes-Benz light commercial vehicle line-up. It opened up a whole new dimension in LCVs with its compact dimensions and turbo-diesel and petrol engines. The second-generation Vito range, upon which the Viano is based, went on sale in 2003
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: SLK-class

Released: Feb 1997

Discontinued: Sep 2016

A stunning piece of styling and engineering, the W202 C-class-based SLK original combined two-seater sports coupe practicality with a metal folding roof mechanism.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: CL-class

Released: Nov 1996

Discontinued: Jun 2014

The CL-class came mid-way through the W140 S-class coupe's life-cycle, replacing the S500C coupe with the CL500 nomenclature. Either way, it represents the two-door Mercedes-Benz flagship in Australia.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: C-Class

Released: Mar 1994

Mercedes-Benz released its next-generation C-Class in August 2014, described as a “downsized S-Class”. Available at launch with three different variants, the base petrol C200, the more powerful C250 and the diesel-powered C250 BlueTec.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: E-class

Released: Sep 1993

Mercedes may have switched to a new alphanumerical naming policy during 1993, but its E-class has been a segment stalwart as far back as the company's first post-war 170 series of 1947, and includes the famous Compact cars of the '60s, 1970s W123 and brilliant W124s of the 1980s and 1990s.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: SL-class

Released: Sep 1993

Mercedes has offered SL (sports light) convertibles and coupes since the early 1950s, with the '60s 'Pagoda' roofed models making a mark here. Only three generations have succeeded that car - in the early '70s, early '90s and today's R230 from 2002.
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Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: S-Class

Released: Sep 1993

Released towards the end of 2013, the new high-end Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousine range represented the pinnacle of the German car-maker's technology. The new S-Class arrived with a choice of the S350 six-cylinder diesel, the S500 V8 petrol and the high-performance bi-turbo V8 in the S63 AMG. Power varied between 190kW/620Nm in the base model, 335kw/700Nm in the mid-speccer and 430kW/900Nm in AMG guise.
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