Mazda Bravo

Mk1 B Series Bravo

Mazda logo1 Oct 1964

MAZDA has been selling B Series light trucks in Australia since late 1964, and continuously from 1967.

The early models were extremely basic, separate chassis two-seater singe cab one-tonne models powered by a 52kW/118Nm 1.5-litre OHV four-cylinder engine driving the rear wheels via a four-speed manual floor shift.

Called the B1500, minor changes occurred through the 1960s, such as twin-headlights from March 1966.

From September 1971 the larger engined B1600 was released, powered by a 70kW/136Nm 1.6-litre OHV unit.

Other than small trim changes in 1973 this continued until the larger B1800 1000kg payload model arrived in October ’77.

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