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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Mazda

Model: CX-9

Released: Dec 2007

MAZDA'S CX-9 represented the Japanese company's first seven-seat SUV, rivalling the likes of Toyota's Kluger.
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Make: Mazda

Model: BT-50

Released: Dec 2006

MAZDA re-skinned and re-engineered its Thai-built light truck inside and out to make the BT-50 seem as new as the Toyota HiLux, Nissan D40 Navara and Mitsubishi Triton competition.
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Make: Mazda

Model: CX-7

Released: Dec 2006

Discontinued: Jan 2012

MAZDA’S stylish CX-7 heads the company’s compact SUV assault, adding a sleek coupe-like wagon option to the range
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Make: Mazda

Model: Mazda3

Released: Jan 2004

IT WAS all-change for Mazda's bread-and-butter small car, adopting the Ford Focus II platform, striking styling and a fresh engine family - with extremely successful results.
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Make: Mazda

Model: RX-8

Released: Jul 2003

Discontinued: Jul 2012

An all-new rear-wheel drive platform underpinned the award-winning RX-8, with its unusual four-door coupe styling and high-performance rotary engine drivetrain. It carries on the latter's long history with Mazda, that dates back to the R100 of 1969.
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Make: Mazda

Model: Mazda2

Released: Dec 2002

Mazda’s next-generation light car Mazda2 released to the Australian market in November 2014 and set the Japanese car-importer on the path to reclaim the segment sales crown.
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Make: Mazda

Model: Mazda6

Released: Aug 2002

For many, Mazda's new millennium makeover started here, with the Mazda6's appealing styling and sporty dynamics contrasting vividly with its 626 predecessor's overall dreariness
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Make: Mazda

Model: Tribute

Released: Feb 2001

Discontinued: Jan 2008

Twinned with the Ford Escape, the Tribute is Mazda's response to the light /medium 4WD wagon competition defined by the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.
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Make: Mazda

Model: Premacy

Released: Feb 2001

Discontinued: Jun 2003

Mazda had the most success with its 'space hatch' Premacy tall five-door hatchback with extra cabin versatility concept, but still not enough for the importers to allow its Mazda5 successor into Australia.
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Make: Mazda

Model: Millenia

Released: Oct 2000

Discontinued: May 2002

A facelift of the luxury-segment Eunos 800, the Millenia was approaching its ninth birthday by 2001, so was by-passed by buyers completely. But back in its day the 800 had many redeeming technological features.
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Top^From 1980 to 1989

Make: Mazda

Model: MX-5

Released: Oct 1989

Taking the world by storm, the original MX-5's lovely styling, stunning dynamics and affordable pricing has yet to be equalled. Although a rehash of the old British MG (or Lotus Elan) formula, nobody has made more of a success of it than Mazda.
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Make: Mazda

Model: MX6

Released: Oct 1987

Discontinued: Sep 1997

From Japan, the Mazda MX-6 is a sports coupe. It was sold in two distinct versions in its relatively brief period on the market. At its introduction in October 1987 it was a hard-edged sports machine intended for the serious driver..
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Make: Mazda

Model: 121

Released: Mar 1987

Discontinued: Dec 2002

Mazda's 1976-1980 121 was a large rear-drive coupe, and completely unrelated to its first front-wheel drive light-car contender introduced globally during 1986. This generation 121 lived on through to 1994 as the Kia-built WA Festiva.
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Top^From 1970 to 1979

Make: Mazda

Model: 626

Released: Dec 1978

Discontinued: Aug 2002

Mazda's mid-sized 626 debuted as a rear-drive sedan and coupe in the late '70s, helping to transform the Japanese company into a provider of well-made and good-quality family cars.
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Make: Mazda

Model: 323

Released: Mar 1977

Discontinued: Dec 2003

The original 323 was a VW Golf-sized hatchback based on the 1970 1300 sedan's rear-wheel drive platform - a necessity due to Mazda's rotary engine-fuelled near-bankruptcy of the mid-'70s and its inability to develop a new front-wheel drive platform. History shows that the 323 saved Mazda's bacon.
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Make: Mazda

Model: 929

Released: Aug 1973

Discontinued: Nov 1997

The first 929 was a piston-engined version of the rotary-engined RX-4, but the model is most remembered as Mazda's alternating dramatic then conservative prestige sedan of the '80s and '90s.
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