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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: Stelvio

Released: Mar 2018

Alfa Romeo launched its first-ever SUV in March 2018, dubbed Stelvio, with the Italian mid-sizer designed and priced to take on its German rivals.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: Giulia

Released: Feb 2017

FIRST unveiled in mid-2015, the 952 Giulia was released in Australia in early 2017 to take on the BMW 3 Series and co.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: 4C

Released: Feb 2015

The Alfa Romeo 4C was launched in Australia in February 2015 in two variants a standard version and a limited Launch Edition.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: Giulietta

Released: Jan 2011

ALFA Romeo’s long-awaited, 147-replacing Giulietta hatchback made its Australian debut with a two-model line-up sitting on an all-new platform, majoring on class-leading safety, generous standard equipment and high technology in an attempt to initiate an overdue comeback for the Milanese motor maker.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: MiTo

Released: Jul 2009

Discontinued: Feb 2016

ALFA ROMEO entered the burgeoning premium baby market defined by the BMW Mini with the MiTo (an amalgam of Italian automotive cities Milano and Torino) in July 2008.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: 159

Released: Jun 2006

Discontinued: Jun 2012

AFTER seven years in Australia, Alfa’s 156 bows out of the market and makes way for the all-new 159.

Fortunately, with its thoroughly competitive pricing, bigger interior and new engines that don’t compromise the Alfa ideal, the 159 is the Italian company’s most competitive model in decades.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: Brera

Released: Jun 2006

Discontinued: Feb 2012

ALFA’S 2002 Geneva motor show concept car became a production reality four years later, with the striking Brera.

Based on the front-wheel drive, transverse-engined 159 range, the overtly wedge-shaped, 2+2 seater, two-door coupe-cum-hatchback is offered in two distinct versions – a 2.2 JTS, and the all-wheel drive (Q4 in Alfa-speak) 3.2 JTS.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: GT

Released: Jul 2004

Discontinued: Jun 2012

Alfa Romeo's gorgeous GT may look like a modern sports coupe, but underneath that slinky hatchback exterior lies a front-wheel drive, 146/147-based platform that has its base in the 1988 Fiat Tipo.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: 147

Released: Sep 2001

Discontinued: Jan 2011

The 147 was the first small Alfa sold in Australia since the iconic Alfasud of the 1970s and 1980s.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: 166

Released: Aug 1999

Discontinued: Jan 2009

The 166 was released after the prettier 156 but was designed years before. It also lacked the same level of steering and ride attributes of more dynamic rivals such as the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: 156

Released: Feb 1999

Discontinued: May 2006

Alfa's styling renaissance started with the lovely 156 sedan, penned by Pininfarina, and often rated as one of the prettiest models of the 1990s. It also had the dynamic talent to scare a few of the more established prestige-car contenders.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: Spider

Released: Jun 1998

Discontinued: Feb 2012

The ancient 1960s Alfa Spider had its first modern replacement in the late 1990s by switching to a Fiat Tipo-based front-wheel drive platform, shod in a sleek soft-top body based on that of the GTV coupe. The third-generation Spider, based on the Brera coupe wass based on the new 159 sedan platform.
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Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: GTV

Released: Jun 1998

Discontinued: Dec 2004

Another Alfa to have its roots in a late-'80s Fiat (the front-wheel drive Tipo, in fact), the stunning GTV coupe was also designed at that time, even though it debuted in the latter 1990s.
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