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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Volvo

Model: XC40

Released: May 2018

Volvo’s all-new XC40 small SUV entered showrooms in May 2018 and, by the time the vehicle was officially launched a few weeks later, the first wave of Australian-spec models – dubbed ‘Launch Edition’ variants – were already sold out.

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Make: Volvo

Model: S90

Released: Oct 2016

Volvo S90 effectively replaced the S80 as the mid-to-large size sedan contender in its line-up but the two cars could not have been more different.
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Make: Volvo

Model: V40

Released: Feb 2013

PITCHED as the world’s most technologically advanced hatchback, the V40 achieved a record Euro NCAP safety rating and set new standards with innovations like the world’s first pedestrian-protecting airbag.
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Make: Volvo

Model: V60

Released: Mar 2011

Volvo Car Australia placed a $3000 premium on the five-door wagon version of its all- S60 sedan, the V60, when it was launched in March 2011.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Volvo

Model: XC60

Released: Feb 2009

VOLVO entered the burgeoning premium compact SUV segment in February 2009 with its XC60 wagon. A trio of turbo-charged XC60s arrived initially, while a fourth model – with a naturally aspirated 3.2-litre petrol engine – came later.
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Make: Volvo

Model: C30

Released: Mar 2007

Discontinued: Jun 2013

VOLVO opens the door on new markets with its new C30 coupe/hatchback, casting furtive glances at the likes of Mini, Audi A3, VW Golf and BMW 1 Series, among many others.
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Make: Volvo

Model: V50

Released: Jun 2004

Discontinued: Feb 2013

The V50 is the wagon version of the second-generation S40 sedan that is built on the C1 platform that also underpins the Ford Focus and Mazda3.
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Make: Volvo

Model: XC90

Released: Jul 2003

Built on a modified version of the V70 P2 front-wheel drive platform, the all-wheel drive XC90 gained a unique body and interior to become a popular and effective seven-seater rival to the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML.
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Make: Volvo

Model: XC70

Released: Apr 2003

Volvo changed the name of the second-generation Cross Country wagon - basically a raised and roughened V70 with all-wheel drive - to XC70 from early 2003.
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Make: Volvo

Model: S60

Released: Jan 2001

The S60 was introduced in early '01 as the replacement for the boxy 850-based S70 series.
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Make: Volvo

Model: Cross Country

Released: Sep 2000

Discontinued: Mar 2003

The Cross Country was based on the second-generation V70, and featured a raised ride height, revamped suspension and a four-wheel drive system. It was replaced by a revised version known as the XC70.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Volvo

Model: S80

Released: May 1998

Discontinued: Sep 2016

Volvo's S80 replaced the ancient 760/960/S90 rear-drive luxury sedan (and V90 wagon) with a new front-wheel drive platform underpinning a strikingly styled four-door sedan clothing a sumptuous and well-equipped interior.
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Make: Volvo

Model: C70

Released: Jan 1998

Discontinued: Jan 2014

The first C70 was a coupe and convertible co-devised by TWR and based on the Volvo 850/S70 front-wheel drive platform. But persistent quality problems and disappointing dynamics kept the cars from achieving success.
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Make: Volvo

Model: S40

Released: Feb 1997

Discontinued: Jun 2012

Replacing the dowdy 440, Volvo's first S40 was a front-wheel drive sedan built in Holland and co-developed with the Mitsubishi Carisma. Never the success Volvo had hoped, the Mk2 S40 from 2004 switched to the Ford Focus II platform with better results.
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Make: Volvo

Model: V70

Released: Feb 1997

Discontinued: Jun 2013

Volvo's decision to adopt an alphanumerical naming system meant that the 850 wagon became the V70 - but it remained the same front-wheel drive mid-sized wagon with only minor changes to the nose and trim.
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Make: Volvo

Model: S70

Released: Jan 1997

Discontinued: Aug 2000

Volvo had decided to implement an alphanumerical naming system for all its cars, so changed the illogical 850 moniker to the sequential S70 badge.
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Make: Volvo

Model: 850

Released: Oct 1992

Discontinued: Jan 1997

Volvo's first front-wheel drive sedan and wagon retained the boxiness of previous models, but with more rounded edges, and a new-found dynamicism hitherto missing from the conservative Swedish manufacturer,
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