Peugeot 405

D70 405

Peugeot logo1 May 1993

Although visibly similar, the many changes Peugeot wrought to the 405 included a strengthened body structure, a new nose and tail, a completely redesigned cabin, revised drivetrains, improved safety and updated electronics.

A new 89kW 2.0-litre engine powered the popular SRI value-leader and luxury STI, while the Mi16 scored a 112kW twin-cam version of the same engine.

In late ’93 a 69kW 1.9-litre turbodiesel SRDT sedan joined the range, but it took another two years for the equivalent wagon to come. A driver’s airbag and other refinements were added to the Mi16 and STI in mid-’95.

The bigger 406 replaced the 405 in late ’96, although the 405 diesels stayed until early ’98, when the 406 equivalents arrived.

The 405 continues on in Iran and Egypt.

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