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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Peugeot


Released: Oct 2013

PEUGEOT rush-released its all-new 2008 sub-compact SUV in Australia in order to jump on the booming segment bandwagon.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 208

Released: Sep 2012

Peugeot’s 208 arrived in September 2012 to replace the aging 207 light hatch.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 4008

Released: May 2012

PEUGEOT managed to squeeze a level of standard equipment into the base model of its $28,990 4008 SUV comparable with what most contemporary rivals in the segment included on their higher-spec variants costing more than $30,000.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 508

Released: Jul 2011

PEUGEOT’S first ‘5’ series model since the demise of the rear-drive 505 range in 1993 marked a return to elegant design after the lacklustre 407.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: RCZ

Released: Oct 2010

Discontinued: Oct 2016

Supercar styling based on humble 308 front-drive underpinnings, Peugeot’s RCZ was a low-priced head-turner. While looks are subjective, the very least that could be said for the ‘two bubble’ Magna Steyr-designed styling was that it was highly-distinctive.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 3008

Released: Jun 2010

Not quite a compact SUV, not quite a people mover, the FWD, 5-seat Peugeot 3008 had a dash of both.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Peugeot

Model: 4007

Released: Nov 2009

Discontinued: Apr 2013

PEUGEOT’S all-diesel 4007 wagon range was priced about $12,000 higher at entry-level than the starting price of the Mitsubishi Outlander upon which it was based, but Peugeot claimed the seven-seat automatic version of the 4007 ST was Australia’s only European SUV with seven seats and diesel power priced under $50,000.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: Partner

Released: Aug 2008

Discontinued: Mar 2015

PEUGEOT launched its Partner small light commercial van in Australia in mid 2008.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: Expert

Released: Aug 2008

Discontinued: Mar 2015

AT the same time as they launched the small Partner van, Peugeot released the mid-size Expert light commercial van to compete with Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen in Australia.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 308

Released: Feb 2008

More 308s landed in early 2015 in the shape of the three semi-performance models.

Two of the variants debuted a 1.6-litre THP four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines in 110kW/240Nm six-speed auto Allure/Allure Premium and 151kW/285Nm six-speed manual GT guises, while a 133kW/400Nm 2.0-litre BlueHDi GT in six-speed auto flagship configuration was also available.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 207

Released: Feb 2007

Discontinued: Sep 2012

PEUGEOT is pitching its bigger and better-equipped 207 into both the light and small car segments. Fourteen different variants are available, from three-door, five-door, wagon and coupe-cabrio, up to two hot hatches – a GT and GTi.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 407 Coupe

Released: Mar 2006

Discontinued: Mar 2011

Based on the transverse-engined and front-wheel drive 407 sedan, the Coupe is built in-house in Rennes, France - as opposed to its 406 predecessor, which was made by Pininfarina in Italy.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 407

Released: Sep 2004

Discontinued: Mar 2011

Peugeot's 407 is a radically styled sedan, wagon and coupe offered in petrol or turbo-diesel engines driving the front wheels. The company says a standout design was necessary if the car was to succeed in an ever-shrinking medium-sedan segment.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 307 CC

Released: Feb 2004

Discontinued: Jun 2009

In stark contrast to the timeless 306 convertible by Pininfarina, the in-house designed 307 CC - for coupe convertible - has the space and features befitting a $50,000-plus prestige car, but lacks the sheer beauty of the old car.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 307

Released: Dec 2001

Discontinued: Feb 2008

A completely different design to its 306 predecessor, the 307 eschewed keen dynamics and exquisite styling for a boxy, upright family hatchback with little of the driving flair usually attached to Peugeots.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 607

Released: Oct 2001

Discontinued: Jun 2008

Peugeot’s lovely-to-look-at 607 was launched here late in 2001 as a luxury market challenger to BMW 5 series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6, and follows on from a model barely remembered in Australia called the 605 - that's because very few were ever sold here.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 206 CC

Released: Oct 2001

Discontinued: Jun 2007

Recalling the long-gone days of the MG Midget, the 206 CC's folding steel roof turned the little French car from a safe and secure coupe into a fully fledged convertible - at a cost of limited luggage space.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Peugeot

Model: 206

Released: Sep 1999

Discontinued: Feb 2007

Peugeot's most successful model in history was the spiritual replacement for the 205, although the GTI version never hit the great heights of its legendary predecesssor.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 406 Coupe

Released: Oct 1997

Discontinued: Oct 2004

Perhaps one of the prettiest modern cars ever, the Pininfarina-designed 406 Coupe was built in Italy, but could never live up to its looks with 'just' 406 sedan engines and drivetrains lurking underneath.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 406

Released: Sep 1996

Discontinued: Oct 2004

The 405's replacement, the 406, proved to be a sturdier and more refined family car, with plenty of driver appeal and a lot more space.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 306

Released: Apr 1994

Discontinued: Dec 2001

The pretty Peugeot 306 brought its maker from fringe player to an important prestige segment player, helped out by affordable pricing, excellent dynamics and the company's long association in Australia.
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Top^From 1980 to 1989

Make: Peugeot

Model: 405

Released: Dec 1989

Discontinued: Jan 1998

Pretty and compact, the 405 impressed with superb handling and a modern demeanour, but earlier cars lacked the solid longevity usually associated with Peugeots.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 205

Released: Oct 1987

Discontinued: Apr 1994

One of the great small cars of the 1980s, the 205 redefined hot-hatch with its giant-killing GTI, while the petite Peugeot set new class standards for light cars in Europe. But in Australia the model was mostly an over-priced curio.
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Make: Peugeot

Model: 505

Released: Oct 1980

Discontinued: Aug 1993

The 505 was the final rear-wheel drive Peugeot sedan and wagon built along the same tough and simple lines as the old 203/403/404 and 504.
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