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Make: Land Rover

Model: Freelander

Released: Feb 1998

Discontinued: Mar 2015

Land Rover was busy keeping up with the diverging market's tastes during the 1990s, with the Freelander two and four-door wagon being one of its outcomes. Aimed straight at the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, the smallest Land Rover has had issues of quality and space.
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Make: Land Rover

Model: Defender

Released: Mar 1993

Discontinued: Oct 2016

The Defender name may only be recent, but the vehicle it adorns dates back to 1948's original Land Rover, making the sexagenerian SUV the grandady of all 4WDs.
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Make: Land Rover

Model: Discovery

Released: Apr 1991

Land Rover's Discovery was the English 4x4 specialists' response to the growing medium-sized 4WD wagon market. Based on the 1970 Range Rover, the first Discovery inherited many of that model's strengths and weaknesses.
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