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Make: Jeep

Model: Patriot

Released: Aug 2007

Discontinued: Jan 2017

JEEP’S car-based Patriot is aimed at customers who are stepping up from a small car or dropping down from a medium or large sedan, with rugged styling and relatively good on-road manners.
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Make: Jeep

Model: Compass

Released: Mar 2007

JEEP finally took the plunge into compact SUVs with the Compass, after watching non-4x4 specialist rivals make plenty of hay.Targeting the Toyota RAV4 and co., the Compass is a car-based part-time five-seater 4WD wagon that – along with its virtually identical underneath Patriot sibling – thrusted Jeep deep into an unfamiliar urban war zone.
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Make: Jeep

Model: Commander

Released: May 2006

Discontinued: Mar 2010

AFTER 65 years Jeep is finally doing what the Japanese have done for decades, by offering a 4WD wagon with a third-row of seating.

The recipient is the Commander, a unitary-body SUV based on the third-generation Grand Cherokee released in Australia in 2005.
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