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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Honda

Model: City

Released: Feb 2009

Honda has launched for the first time in Australia the Honda City sedan, a $20k light car now in its third generation that is positioned below Civic, based on Jazz and an all-important new model that Honda hopes will lure 4000 buyers a year away from competitors such as Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent and Holden Barina.
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Make: Honda

Model: Accord Euro

Released: Jun 2003

Discontinued: Feb 2015

The second-generation Accord Euro arrived with a bigger body, more powerful engine and with more features for a lower price than its predecessor.
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Make: Honda

Model: MDX

Released: Apr 2003

Discontinued: Apr 2007

First released in North America in 2000, the MDX has struggled to find an audience here as it has to compete with much newer rivals from Lexus (RX) and Volvo (XC90).
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Make: Honda

Model: Jazz

Released: Oct 2002

Honda's third-generation Jazz hit Australian shores in July 2014 with an updated front fascia and more rounded look than its predecessor.
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Make: Honda

Model: Insight

Released: Mar 2001

Discontinued: Feb 2014

The Insight was the first hybrid vehicle to become Japan’s top-selling model bar none within two months of its domestic market release in February 2009
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Honda

Model: S2000

Released: Aug 1999

Discontinued: May 2009

Motorcycle and motor car manufacturer Honda's 50th anniversary present to itself brought back the spirit of its first proper passenger car, the S500 convertible from the early 1960s.
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Make: Honda

Model: HR-V

Released: Jan 1999

HONDA returned to the B-segment compact SUV class 14 years after the last HR-V was on sale in Australia with the second-generation version.
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Make: Honda

Model: CR-V

Released: Sep 1997

In no time the CR-V overtook the Civic model it was spawned off in sales, appealing to a wide audience with its compact good looks, easy driveability and comfortable and spacious interior.
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Make: Honda

Model: Odyssey

Released: Jun 1995

Honda’s next-generation people-mover arrived in early 2014, complete with sliding doors unlike its predecessor. Now in its fifth-generation, the Honda Odyssey came packed with either eight-seats in the base variant or could be had with a rear pair of reclining luxury seats in VTi-L form.
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Make: Honda

Model: NSX

Released: Jan 1991

Discontinued: Jan 2005

Devised in the boom times of the late 1980s, the NS-X changed the supercar world with its ease, efficiency and reliability, in a Ferrari-challenging sports coupe package that - even a decade on from launch - was still thrilling enough to inspire.
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Top^From 1980 to 1989

Make: Honda

Model: Concerto

Released: Nov 1988

Discontinued: Jan 1993

Honda slotted the dowdy Concerto between the stylish Civic and Accord family car, but the front-wheel drive hatchback had failed to find an audience in Australia - mostly due to unreasonably high pricing.
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Make: Honda

Model: CRX

Released: Nov 1987

Discontinued: Sep 1998

Australia missed out on the first Civic-based CRX in 1983, but Honda made amends with the Mk2 model from late '87. Featuring sexy styling and a unique two-seater hatchback configuration, the first CRX became an instant classic.
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Make: Honda

Model: Integra

Released: May 1986

Discontinued: Apr 2007

A Civic offshoot, the Integra has only been sold in Australia as a three-door hatchback coupe, although Rover briefly offered an otherwise identical five-door hatchback version between 1986 and 1989. The Mk3 Integra Type-R, meanwhile, is a modern-day classic.
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Make: Honda

Model: Legend

Released: May 1986

Discontinued: Oct 2014

The original Legend was a co-development between Honda and Rover in the UK, resulting in a large five-seater V6 sedan - as well as Japan's first serious international luxury car rival to the BMW 5 Series.
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Top^From 1970 to 1979

Make: Honda

Model: Prelude

Released: May 1979

Discontinued: Jul 2002

Based on the first-generation Accord platform, the front-wheel drive Prelude was a style and technological leader for most of its 23-year run in Australia. But the Celica rival fell victim to vehicles from beyond its segment - ironically led in part by its CR-V 4WD wagon big brother.
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Make: Honda

Model: Accord

Released: Mar 1977

Honda hit the big tiime with its original Accord, a mid-sized hatchback and sedan with performance, efficiency and style to finally put costlier European cars right in their place.
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Make: Honda

Model: Civic

Released: Mar 1973

A perennial small-car favourite, the Civic has been a style and quality leader for most of its four-decade run. The '72 original was a magnificent achievement for Honda, as it had only been making passenger cars for a decade.
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