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Top^From 2000 to Now

Make: Daewoo

Model: Lacetti

Released: Sep 2003

Discontinued: Dec 2004

Like the Kalos, the Lacetti was a rebodied version of a popular older Daewoo - this time the Nubira small car. But it was nothing special to drive, nor particularly keenly priced, so its work was cut out against the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Pulsar and Holden Astra.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Kalos

Released: Apr 2003

Discontinued: Dec 2004

Daewoo's reworking of its Lanos light car range resulted in the attractive Kalos, a front-wheel drive hatchback and sedan with keen pricing and modern Italian styling. But the dynamics were a decade behind most rivals' while the teetering Daewoo brand was also a put-off.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Tacuma

Released: Nov 2000

Discontinued: Dec 2004

Daewoo was a pioneer of the Renault Scenic-style extended-hatchback small-car theme, bringing in the Nubira-based Tacuma wagon several months before the French (or Mazda's Premacy) arrived. And by-and-large it was a worthy first effort too.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Daewoo

Model: Matiz

Released: Oct 1999

Discontinued: Dec 2004

Daewoo scored a smash hit in Europe with its Matiz city car, an Italian-penned four-seater hatchback with exceptional space and versatility. It was dire to drive though. Dr Ulrich Bez, the ex-Porsche engineer who put it to market for the Koreans, calls the Matiz one of his favourite designs to date.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Musso

Released: Jul 1998

Discontinued: Dec 2002

Daewoo bought Ssangyong in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis of the late '90s, choosing to sell the British-designed, Mercedes-engineered Musso 4WD wagon range under its own brand. Of course the South Korean brand went down the gurgler itself, resulting in a Chinese company taking over the Ssangyong brand - and the Musso - from Daewoo.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Lanos

Released: Aug 1997

Discontinued: Mar 2003

The Lanos was a very loosely based version of the decade-old 1.5i/Cielo, with a new body and interior fitted to help it seem fresher. And many light-car buyers agreed, with sales remaining fairly strong throughout its six-year life in Australia.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Leganza

Released: Jul 1997

Discontinued: Jan 2004

Pitched as Daewoo's value-packed competitor to the Toyota Camry, the Leganza's biggest asset was its stylish body - a reworking of the 1990 Jaguar Kensington concept by Ital Design.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Nubira

Released: Jun 1997

Discontinued: May 2003

The Nubira established a reputation for value and competence on its mid-'97 release, prompting Nissan, Toyota and Mazda to sharpen the prices of their respective small car rivals.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Cielo

Released: Oct 1995

Discontinued: Jul 1997

The Cielo was a 1.5i/ex-1980s Vauxhall Astra with a new nose, revised cabin and extra models thown into the mix. But the little Daewoo's price wasn't quite as sharp, while its outdated dynamics and interior were less convincing in Cielo guise than when the car was flogged off as the value-for-money 1.5i.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: Espero

Released: Mar 1995

Discontinued: Jul 1997

Underneath the oddly named Espero were the remains of Holden's J-car Camira, suitably reskinned and re-engineered for duty as a well-equipped and value-packed mid-sized car at a small-car price. But the Daewoo's age becomes apparent before the first turn of the wheel. Its Nubira and Leganza replacements were far-more convincing.
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Make: Daewoo

Model: 1.5i

Released: Jul 1994

Discontinued: Oct 1995

If somebody had forecast before the 1994 Daewoo 1.5i's release that it would be a sales sensation despite being based on a not-very-good British Vauxhall small car, then they may have been laughed down. Yet a handy size, cheap price and cheery promotions helped establish the South Korean brand in Australia quick-smart.
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