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Top^From 2010 to Now

Make: Citroen

Model: C4 Cactus

Released: Mar 2016

Citroen brought its uniquely-styled C4 Cactus to Australia in March 2016, with the hatchback/SUV crossover aiming to give the French brand's Australian sales a shot in the arm.
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Make: Citroen

Model: Grand C4 Picasso

Released: Feb 2014

CITROEN launched its striking Grand C4 Picasso seven-seat people mover in early 2014, quickly gaining the title of the most interesting looking MPV on the local market.
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Make: Citroen

Model: DS5

Released: Sep 2012

Discontinued: Sep 2015

CITROEN added to its DS range in Australia in late 2012 with the C5-based DS5 premium hatch.
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Make: Citroen

Model: C4 Aircross

Released: Jul 2012

Discontinued: Jan 2015

FRENCH car-maker Citroen launched its first SUV, the C4 Aircross in Australia in July, with a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive variant in petrol guise only.
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Make: Citroen

Model: DS4

Released: Mar 2012

Discontinued: Mar 2016

Citroen released its DS4 crossover hatch in March 2012 to compete with a diverse range of small cars including the Nissan Dualis, Volkswagen Golf and even the Mini Countryman.
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Make: Citroen

Model: DS3

Released: Sep 2010

Discontinued: Mar 2015

Designed to take the fringe-dwelling French brand more upmarket, the first member of a classier new model range to revive Citroen’s hallowed DS nameplate came in the shape of the ‘anti-retro’ DS3, which took the Parisian firm into unchartered premium compact-car waters when it arrived here in September 2010.
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Top^From 2000 to 2009

Make: Citroen

Model: Dispatch

Released: Apr 2008

Discontinued: Oct 2011

CITROEN’S mid-sized Dispatch is the product of a wide-ranging joint-venture program between Fiat and the PSA Peugeot-Citroen Group.
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Make: Citroen

Model: C4 Picasso

Released: May 2007

CITROEN re-entered the people mover market in Australia with the C4 Picasso, 32 years after the demise of its iconic, multi-seat DS Safari station wagon.
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Make: Citroen

Model: C6

Released: Sep 2006

Discontinued: Sep 2012

CITROEN’S first large luxury car in more than six years, the C6 serves as the belated replacement for the unloved XM of the 1990s.
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Make: Citroen


Released: Sep 2004

Discontinued: Aug 2010

Based on the C3 light car, the Pluriel is touted as a few cars in one - a coupe, cabriolet, convertible and utility - as a result of a roof that partly disassembles or removes entirely. But in practice the Pluriel succeeds at being none of these with any real conviction.
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Make: Citroen

Model: C4

Released: Apr 2004

As radical as its Xsara was conservative, the original C4 set a style yardstick in a segment brimming with interesting designs. However the second-generation wound back the wackiness in favour of a more mature, robust and high-quality feel in an attempt to find favour among a wider audience.
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Make: Citroen

Model: C2

Released: Jan 2004

Discontinued: Dec 2008

THE C2 was Citroen’s premium two-door light-car entrant that shared its platform and much of its running gear with the C3 and C3 Pluriel
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Make: Citroen

Model: C3

Released: Dec 2002

Discontinued: Apr 2015

CITROEN’S C3 represented a new wave of contemporary light cars that boasted big-car space, driveability and safety, that also included the Honda Jazz, Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta.
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Make: Citroen

Model: C5

Released: Jun 2001

Larger, roomier, safer and more refined than its exquisite Xantia predecessor, the C5 formed a tidy little niche here thanks to the heroic performance of its efficient and economical HDI turbo-diesel engines.
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Make: Citroen

Model: Xsara

Released: Feb 2001

Discontinued: Apr 2005

Citroen brought in the three-door hatchback version of the Xsara in early 2001, pitching it below the five-door in VTR 1.6 guise while aiming for the Golf GTI set with the VTS 2.0.
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Top^From 1990 to 1999

Make: Citroen

Model: Berlingo

Released: Aug 1999

CITROEN scored a surprise hit with the Berlingo everywhere it has sold.

Based on the Xsara small car’s front-wheel drive platform (itself derived from the 1993 Peugeot 306), the Berlingo is exactly the sort of basic, roomy, supply suspended and simple work vans the French are famous for.
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Make: Citroen

Model: Xsara

Released: Aug 1998

Discontinued: Apr 2005

Built off the fine Peugeot 306 platform, the Citroen Xsara small car offered fine dynamics, a good ride and an appealing interior, but was dressed in the drabbiest clothes to have been seen on a French car since Renault's forgettable R19 of a few years prior.
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Make: Citroen

Model: Xantia

Released: Sep 1994

Discontinued: Jun 2001

Brave, idiosyncratic Citroen has had a history of struggling against the tide of conformity. So it’s no surprise that, following arch-rival Peugeot’s 1975 takeover after yet another bankruptcy, eccentricities were excised.

The graceful, Giugiaro designed Xantia, however, was a happy medium in more ways than one.
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Make: Citroen

Model: XM

Released: Mar 1991

Discontinued: Jun 2000

Citroen's replacement for the car that sent it broke - and into rival Peugeot's waiting arms - the CX - was a disappointing mish-mash of angular lines, overly complex engineering and high pricing. It was released in the darkest days of the early '90s recession, guaranteeing its future as a mere fringe dweller in the world of high-profile luxury competition.
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