Toyota Camry

SV11 Camry

Toyota logo1 Apr 1983

The 1st-generation Camry was a revolution for Toyota a front-wheel drive medium sized family car that heralded a more sophisticated approach to design, packaging and drivability.

Initially sold as a prestige alternative to the archaic Corona, the Camry arrived as a fully imported, well-equipped, 5-door GLi hatchback.

Its aerodynamic styling, roomy cabin, impressive dynamics and gutsy 77kW 2.0L engine mated to either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto gearbox helped garner a loyal following.

In August ’84 the Series II facelift featured a new grille, redesigned bumpers, revised cabin trim and more standard appointments.

Performance dropped off slightly with the 75kW unleaded petrol version from early ’86.

A handful of SV11 Camry sedans, with different specifications and engines, have been privately imported into Australia.

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