Subaru Impreza

55N Impreza AWD MY99/00

Subaru logo1 Sep 1998

Along with the usual round of minor trim adjustments, all front-wheel drive Impreza models vanished.

This kept in line with Subaru’s “all-wheel drive is all we do” policy.

A significantly updated 2.0 single-cam engine, producing 92kW, powered all non-turbo Imprezas, including the hatch-only LX, while the popular WRX now cranked out 160kW.

Subaru imported a handful of the rare 206kW two-door only WRX STi (the only version of this body style to be sold locally), while a four-door STi was released in May 2000.

At the same time there was a black-only RX special edition.

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