Saab 900

900 Series IV

Saab logo1 Jan 1987

A longer nose and new model variants ushered in the 1987 900.

The base 900 was now an 81kW 2.0 two-door sedan, followed by a five-door, four-door GLE, a two-door 93kW 16-valve EMS, and three and four-door 118kW Turbo versions.

Specification and refinement levels continued to improve.

The famous 900 Convertible debuted in October ’87, powered by the top-line 118kW turbo engine.

In late ’88 all non-turbo models received 94kW 16-valve 2.0-litre power.

By 1990 the range consisted of: 94kW 900i in two, three, four and five-door variants, the 94kW EMS three-door, and the 118kW turbocharged 900 Turbo five-door, 900 Aero 16S and 900i Cabriolet.

A new, 103kW 2.1-litre 16-valve four-cylinder engine arrived in early ’91, which found its way into a reduced range consisting of three, four and five-door 900 in turbo and non-turbo guises.

A year later a base 900i Cabriolet joined a slightly refreshed range, as did a non-turbo Aero (replacing the EMS). Anti-lock brakes became standard.

In total, 908,810 900 Mk1s were made between 1978 and 1993.

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