Peugeot 505

505 Series II

Peugeot logo1 Feb 1986

Outwardly similar except for the new grille, bigger bumpers and larger tail-light treatment on the sedans, the 505 Series II featured a redesigned dash and cabin, improved suspension and equipment levels and new model designations.

The SR sedan gave way to the 70.7kW fuel-injected 2.0-litre SLi sedan and wagon, the 94kW 2.3-litre four-cylinder GTi replaced the STi and the 59kW SRD – now called “Turbodiesel” - was now available with the three-speed auto.

All models included climate control air-conditiioning.

In early ’87 the Turbodiesel’s engine grew to 2.5 litres, increased to 70kW in output and gained more equipment and a new name: GTD.

Later in 1987 there were revisions to the range – a four-speed auto arrived for the GTi sedan and the wagon gained a five-speed manual GTi variant.

The 505 SLi disappeared in late ’88, while six months later so did the rest of the 505s bar the GTi wagon, following the release of the newer, smaller front-wheel drive 405 range.

In August ’90 the 505 GTi wagon gave way to a model simply known as the “505 Wagon.” Lasting until August ’93, it featured an 87kW 2.2-litre four-cylinder engine, a four-speed automatic gearbox and eight-seat accommodation.

This was the last of the old-school rear-wheel drive Peugeots.

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