Nissan EXA

N12 Pulsar EXA

Nissan logo1 Sep 1983

Belatedly replacing the N11 Pulsar Coupe in Nissan’s local line-up, the EXA’s pronounced wedged styling, pop-up headlights and 77kW 1.5-litre fuel-injected turbocharged four-cylinder engine distinguished the two-door notchback coupe from its more pedestrian, non-turbo N12 Pulsar siblings.

A five-speed manual was the only transmission offered. Small trim changes occurred during late 1984, while a minor facelift and cabin trim overhaul accompanied the inclusion of a water cooler to the turbocharger in April ’86.

To distance it from its more humdrum sibling, the Pulsar badge was dropped when the second generation N13 Pulsar-based EXA targa coupe was launched in early 1987.

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