Mitsubishi Galant

Chrysler GB Galant

Mitsubishi logo1 Nov 1972

As the Galant grew in popularity, Chrysler imported the facelifted GB range, featuring round headlights, minor trim changes and the arrival of a nicely equipped Galant GL.

Underneath the GL’s bonnet the 1.5 gave way to a 75kW/136Nm 1.6-litre OHC four-cylinder engine, offered for the first time in a three-speed automatic model.

The move was deemed necessary as Datsun introduced its soon-to-be wildly successful 180B in the same month, usurping the classic 1600.

From July ’73 an attractive four-door wagon (in base XL and luxury GL guises) was added to the Galant range, both powered by the 1.6-litre Saturn four-cylinder engine.

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