Mazda MX-5

NA Series II MX-5

Mazda logo1 Nov 1993

Answering the call that decreed that the MX-5 could handle a lot more power, Mazda installed the 323’s 98kW 1.8L twin-cam 16-valve four-cylinder engine.

At the same time the body was strengthened, the suspension was tuned and bigger brakes and a larger fuel tank were fitted.

Outwardly, new design alloy wheels, a body brace behind the seats, new cabin trim and door pockets give the 1.8L away.

A four-speed auto was added to the range, along with a competition-biased Clubman model without power steering.

In January ’96, 75 British Racing Green limited edition cars arrived, sporting better audio and introducing a host of minor running changes like door armrests, “anti-submarining” seats and an improved “Torsen” limited slip differential (for better grip) on the Clubman model.

The altered colour palette now read “Polar White,” “Classic Red,” “Laguna Blue” and “Silver Stone.” The Clubman was discontinued in late ’96.

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