Hyundai Accent

LC Accent 1.6 Series II

Hyundai logo1 Mar 2003

With the advent of the impressive though smaller Euro-style Getz hatchback, Hyundai pared down the older Accent range at facelift time.

A smoother new nose and tail, bigger engine (producing 78kW/149Nm from 1.6-litres), an improved dashboard, revised steering and suspension settings, redesigned seats and different trim marked the changes.

Initially, all models bar the base three-door hatchback were discontinued, but falling Hyundai sales prompted the importers to re-issue 1.6 five-door hatchback variants from early 2004, a few months after a small equipment level upgrade in the three-door version.

This is the last of the old-shape Hyundais, with the very-Euro inspired replacement surfacing during 2005.

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