Honda Integra

Mk4 Integra Series II

Honda logo1 Oct 2004

Honda says it sought progress in handling, ride and power output for its Integra facelift – and since the model was now Mk-7 Civic based and thus free of the wishbone front suspension for more traditional struts, it succeeded.

The once-hallowed Type R vanished for the more luxury-orientated Type S, which features a 154kW/194Nm version of the 2.0 VTEC engine.

Both it and the 118kW/191Nm Integra Luxury are lower, and enjoy improved suspension, steering and braking properties, as well as offer a smoother ride.

There are also advances in body rigidity and noise-reduction, while the designers have added new headlights, bumpers, body kit, tail-light and wheels.

Interior titivations include revised seats, new trim and higher equipment levels.

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