Honda Odyssey

Mk2 Odyssey

Honda logo1 Mar 2000

After five years, Honda’s all-new Odyssey people mover provided more space, performance, refinement and economy, although it never strayed far from the 1995 original’s homely looks.

During its four-year tenure nothing touched the Honda as a complete seven-seat package.

The model also ushered in a fabulous 154kW/270Nm 3.0 V6-engined V6L variant (mated to a slick five-speed auto gearbox), which added a more luxurious six-seater bucket chair-feel to an impressively engineered vehicle.

This is one case where the manufacturer's claims of car-like comfort are not to be dismissed as pure hype.

Meanwhile a four-speed automatic, 110kW/206Nm 2.3-litre VTEC base Odyssey provided for the majority of Odyssey buyers.

The V6 was split into two models from early ’03.

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