FPV logo1 Nov 2006

The revised FPV BF MkII range included a host of improvements to the legendary GT. The ZF high-torque six-speed automatic transmission is offered as a no-cost option across the entire FPV range. Leather seats, formerly a $2750 (RRP) option in sedans will be available across the range for just $995 (RRP)The GT and GT-P both feature an updated stripe package, the design of which was inspired by the legendary Bathurst-winning XY GT. The stripes and hood decal are available as a $595 (RRP) option on GT and remain a no-cost option on the GT-P.

There’s also a new steering wheel and chrome vent adjusters, and optional Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity. Three new colours have been added to the palette: blue, turquoise, & the return of orange to the colour range.

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