Ford Fairmont

XE Fairmont

Ford logo1 Mar 1982

Ford’s golden era started with the top-selling XE. At last coil springs replaced the ancient leaf springs on the sedan, while a new nose, fluted tail-lights, improved engines, more refinement, greater dynamics, revised dash, better seating and a bigger boot helped woo buyers.

The base 4.1L I6 now produced 105kW of power. In late '82 the Aussie-made V8s died, replaced by a fuel-injected 4.1L I6 three months later.

New standard features: cacuum gauge, driver’s seat lumber support, wheel covers.

Engine options: 90kW 3.3L I6 (until Feb '93), 111kW 4.1L EFI I6 (from Feb '93), 140kW 4.9L V8, 149kW 5.8L V8 (not wagon).

V8s were discontinued in December 1982.

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