Ford Fairlane

NF Fairlane and DF LTD

Ford logo1 Mar 1995

Sleeker than before, the first major EA-Falcon based facelift featured an all-new (12mm shorter) nose, tail and interior design.

The fake grille and raised bonnet were very similar to the EF Fairmont range. Only the doors carried over. Chrome details, a louvred C pillar window, more gadgets and leather trim marked out the LTD.

Substantial engineering changes meant revised motors (the Fairlane’s standard 4.0-litre six-cylinder engine now produced 157kW of power, the LTD’s 5.0 V8 165kW), improved suspension, sharper steering, bigger brakes, more computer power, and increased body crash resistance, while better seats, a driver’s airbag, and cup holders was introduced.

And finally the old under-dash handbrake gave way to a console-sited one. At just six months old, the NF and DF were short lived.

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