Ford Fairmont

AU Fairmont Ghia

Ford logo1 Sep 1998

The curvy AU sported an all-new body and interior, heavily revised drivetrain, recalibrated coil spring suspension, independent rear suspension (IRS), extra standard features, greater refinement and much improved dynamics.

The auto-only 168kW/370Nm 4.0L I6 engine utilising more-efficient “breathing” (called VCT) was a complete overhaul of the old unit, and considerably quieter and more economical for it.

But in spite of such advances, the futuristic, oval styling divided opinions, and consequently sales dovetailed. Ford retaliated by lowering the ride height and improving the brakes.

A better fate was deserved. A chrome-laden mesh grille distinguished the Fairmont seriesNew standard features: IRS, steering wheel audio controls, traction control, immobiliserEngine options: 175kW/395Nm 5.0L OHV V8.

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