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Geneva show: Lexus reveals LC500h

Duel motor: If Lexus' hybrid LC adds an electric motor to the 5.0-litre V8 of the LC500, it would likely become the performance flagship of the two-variant range.

Hybrid power confirmed for second Lexus LC sports coupe variant


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Lexus logo16 Feb 2016


LEXUS will wheel out a second version of its jaw-dropping LC high-performance coupe at the Geneva motor show next month, with a hybrid-powered LC500h to be offered alongside the pure petrol LC500 V8.

Unlike its combustion sibling, very little detail has been released about the hybrid version, but Lexus says it is equipped with its “next generation Multi Stage Hybrid System,” which brings more driving enjoyment and greater efficiency, according to the company.

The announcement is the first time Lexus has referred to the latest evolution of its hybrid technology and, while the Japanese car-maker has not explained any of its defining features, more detail is expected to be revealed with the variant's debut.

Quite what key differences the Multi Stage system will bring remains to be seen, but one possibility is a drivetrain with more driving mode options for enhancing the efficiency of the vehicle depending on the driver's preference or environmental conditions.

Lexus is also remaining tight-lipped on what type of engine will be paired with the electric drive system. Its name suggests it may use the same 5.0-litre V8 fitted to the less enigmatic LC500 for an even faster option, or a smaller unit with fewer cylinders could be utilised in the name of efficiency.

While the more conventionally driven LC500 has already been confirmed for Australia at an unconfirmed date, Lexus Australia was not willing to comment on the prospects of the hybrid version.

When kitted out with a V8 alone, the LC500 has a total output of 351kW – the same power as the 5.0-litre that powers the company's other V8 coupe, the RC F. If it matches its torque output, the LC500 will have 530Nm at its disposal.

The new Global Architecture Luxury (GA-L) platform which will underpin the LC pair is said to be the most torsionally rigid ever produced by Lexus – stronger even that the carbon-fibre unit of the LFA supercar.

Lexus says the vehicle resulted from a new level of collaboration between the design and engineering groups at the request of Toyota Motor Corporation global president and CEO Akio Toyoda who wanted to keep as much of the concept car that heralded the production version.

The hybrid LC will be on show on March 1 at the Geneva motor show, which will also provide the venue for Lexus' LF-FC hydrogen-fuelled concept's European debut.

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