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Holden committed to E85 for 2010

Flexible: Holden's Ecoline environmental branding - launched by Holden MD Mark Reuss last year - will include E85 ethanol from next year.

Commodore to have E85 ethanol capability next year, but no diesel

Holden logo5 Aug 2009


GM HOLDEN has re-affirmed its plans to introduce E85 ethanol capability for its Commodore next year, while diesel is off the agenda.

Despite only a handful of outlets offering E85 fuel around Australia, Holden powertrain lead executive Martyn Cray has confirmed the brand’s V6 engine plant in Port Melbourne is gearing up for the introduction of the technology to be applied to its new direct-injection V6s announced this week.

“The Flex Fuel application that will allow Holden to be the first local manufacturer to offer engines capable of running with E85,” said Mr Cray.

Saab is currently the only brand to offer E85 capable cars in Australia.

Holden chairman and managing director Mark Reuss told GoAuto that diesel was not being considered for Commodore for now because interest in diesels seemed to be dictated by fuel prices.

“I don’t want to chase fuel prices it comes in and out of fashion,” he said.

“If we see a demand that people want to run diesels here, more than they do now, we would always consider that.

“But diesel engines aren’t cheap, and there are not a lot of people who can’t afford expensive diesel engine technology that doesn’t pay itself back, but never say never.”

Holden also continues to be committed to LPG, recently making fuel economy improvements to its V6 dual-fuel engine, but is not prepared to discuss if it will introduce a single-fuel LPG system.

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