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Audi TT set to score SUV spinoff

In the Q: Audi seems to have scrapped plans for a production version of the three-door TT Shooting Brake concept (left) in favour a proper five-door crossover called TTQ.

‘TTQ’ five-door crossover on track for launch by Audi within two years

Audi logo20 Feb 2015


AUDI’S newly released TT coupe and convertible will get a crossover sibling in 2017, multiplying the reach, practicality and sales of the design icon.

Rumoured to be called TTQ and expected to share much of its hardware with the next-generation version of the hot-selling Q3 SUV also due around the same time, the TT SUV will bring a more coupe-like crossover style to help it take the fight up to the successful Range Rover Evoque.

Both vehicles will use the Volkswagen Group’s MQB transverse matrix architecture as their base, although it is not yet known if the SUV will go the whole hog and adopt the expensive and complex Audi Space Frame aluminium-intensive structure of the lightweight TT coupe and convertible.

It is understood that Audi has chosen the TT SUV over both the TT Shooting Brake three-door and the TT Sportback five-door concept shown at last year’s respective Detroit and Paris motor shows, on the basis that the former’s larger cabin will be able to provide appreciably more passenger space and cargo-carrying practicality than a low-slung three or five-door liftback alternatives.

Although not yet made public, the decision to go TT SUV over the others is also an economic one, since premium SUVs continue to boom in key markets around the world.

With nearly 400,000 global sales and counting of BMW’s similarly themed Mini Countryman in the can, Audi’s bean-counters likely had little trouble identifying the body style that would resonate with consumers.

While Audi Australia product planning manager Peter Strudwicke declined to confirm or deny the development of an SUV, he said that any extension of the TT range would be welcome as long as the vehicles upheld the lofty standards of the brand.

“Audi is definitely looking at another variant,” he said. “And they’ve said they’d build one of those … “And if one was to become available we’d be very keen to look at it … Australians love SUVs. And we’ll take almost anything they’ll give us, as long as it is authentically TT.”

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