HYUNDAI'S first foray into a sports model must have been closely modelled on Toyota's original (1971) Celica. Based on the awful second-generation Excel light car (the X2), the unimaginatively named S Coupe (it was called Scoupe in some other markets) did at least have a low price in its favour, undercutting many (admittedly larger and more powerful) Japanese coupes by thousands. Hence its surprising success here, aided by the prerequisite swoopy two-door styling.

But it was such a dreary drive, not helped by a lacklustre 68kW 1.5-litre engine and uninvolving front-wheel drive dynamics. The cheapo GLS does have generous equipment levels and some space for four adults, but that's it. Its engine is rough, the handling and ride unpleasant and the quality sorely lacking. The turbo version, released from late 1992 as the range topper, produced a bit more power and torque (84kW and 168Nm), and provided a sort of fun in an amusingly uncooth way. Amazingly, the S Coupe's "Coupe" replacement was a much better device, benefitting from handling honed by Porsche (allegedly)...
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