Why you should upgrade your headlight globes

Better Quality

Car manufacturers only install “standard performance” globes.

Improved Visibility

More light, managed correctly - even on low beam - increases beam width and length, driver’s visibility and reaction time – all vital to any driver and particularly important as we age.

Inferior globes produce Ultra Violet rays that discolour headlight lenses, have poor geometrical alignment on the filament and focal point thus reducing visibility.

Increased Safety

Remember, you can’t avoid what you can’t see.

White light improves visibility because it’s closer to daylight.

Better Looking

Enhance your appearance with ultra-modern blue/white prestige.

Don’t be disappointed by inferior brands. Ask for the Philips ‘White Vision’ halogen headlight globes with 40% more light, which fit almost every car – now available from Super Cheap Auto and Autobarn. Expert fitting and advice.

An ideal Christmas Gift!

Why choose Philips

Philips is the No. 1 brand and the undisputed leader of automotive headlights – and has been for 100 years.

Only Philips uses Quartz glass – to deliver clearer transparency, protection against bulb explosion from water/condensation and best defence against vibration.

Philips has UV-block – preventing headlamp lens discolouring and reduced visibility.

Philips is the first choice of all leading car manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Honda, Ford, – in short 3 out of 4 cars in Europe and 1 in every 3 cars worldwide have Philips headlight globes.

Philips’ design, materials and manufacturing guarantee perfect geometry delivering flawless optical alignment and beam performance.


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