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2017 Lamborghini Aventador S Car Review



IN SOME ways, a race track is not the spiritual home of something as outlandish as Lamborghini’s signature supercar, the Aventador S – despite the fact that it’s about the only legal place to stretch its very long legs.

For one, it’s a big car at over 1600kg and more than two metres wide… and there’s the small matter of the 6.5-litre V12 in the back half that’s grunting out some pretty handsome numbers.

And for another, on the road this is easily more than a million dollars’ worth of machine, fast-idling in a very sodden pit lane of a very sodden race track that happens to have one of the highest average speeds in the country.

Even Lamborghini itself uses its smaller, lighter and cheaper Huracan as a basis for its on-track activities.

There’s not a lot of choice today, though.

These left-hand-drive cars are touring the world as part of Lamborghini’s Esperienza event, and it’ll be the first and last chance to try one on local soil before customer examples touch down in 2018.

So here goes nothing.

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Model release date: March 2017


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