Ford / Capri / XR2 convertible

1992 Ford Capri XR2 convertible Car Review


MAZDA MX-5 1.6 2D CONVERTIBLE (1989-1993)
YOU cannot go wrong. The MX-5 does the inexpensive quality two-seat sports car package best. Its 85kW 1.6-litre twin-cam engine is sweet, smooth and spritely, aided by a superb five-speed gearshift. Total reliability, dependability and economy, plus a comfy cabin, make it a thorough package and modern classic.

NISSAN NX 2D COUPE (1991-1996)
NISSAN'S forgotten front-wheel drive NX Coupe (based on the N14 Pulsar) has two-plus-two accommodation and a distinctive "targa" top with removable glass panels. Good performance from the refined, all-aluminium, 105kW 2.0 engine. Standard equipment includes power steering.

THE Paseo pales in this comparison, despite having comparable accommodation to the Nissan NX. The 74kW 1.5 engines gives it barely-adequate performance for a "sporty" car, while its front-drive undercarriage is as far from inspiring as cars got in the early 1990s. Keen drivers need not apply.

INTEGRA has more interior space than its rivals. Good performance from 1.8-litre, twin cam, 16-valve engine producing 96kW or, from 1992, 103kW. Good ride and handling abilities from double wishbone and coil spring suspension. Comprehensive equipment includes a sunroof.

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