New Models - Noble M12 GTO-R3

Noble M12 GTO-R3 Spirited: The Noble M12 offers supercar performance from its turbocharged V6 engine.

Spirited: The Noble M12 offers supercar performance from its turbocharged V6 engine.

Supercars set for Australia with Pagani and Noble to debut in Melbourne

MOTOR Group Australia, the local distributor of MG Rover cars, has officially confirmed it has secured the rights to two niche European supercar brands – Pagani and Noble.

MGA will sell the cars in Australia, New Zealand and some Asian markets. Both brands will be launched here at the Melbourne motor show, which kicks off on February 27.

The Italian-built V12 Pagani Zonda is expected to be pitched around $1.2 million for the coupe and $1.4 million for the convertible, the latter available now and the former around mid-year.

One Zonda has apparently already been sold to a New Zealand customer.

The Noble M12 GTO-3R will start under $200,000 and should provide startling performance courtesy of its twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 Jaguar engine combined with a 1080kg kerb weight.

Both cars can accelerate to 100km/h in well under four seconds.

It is planned that initial distribution outlets will be set up in both Sydney and Melbourne.

The Pagani and Noble franchises mean that MGA is now selling three niche supercars in Australia, with the MG Xpower SV-R set to start arriving in the second half of the year, with pricing kicking off around $250,000.

Quite what MG Rover headquarters in the UK makes of its Aussie distributor essentially going into business against itself has yet to be made public.

Motor Group Australia also said in its press announcement that these two vehicles were “only the start of an increasing model line over the next few years”.

“Motor Group Australia has established itself as a boutique importer of specialty vehicles,” said Michel De Vriendt, Managing Director of Motor Group Australia. “The ongoing success and stability of MG Rover in Australia has given us the opportunity to explore other areas.

“The addition of Noble and Pagani supports our business strategy, representing a clear picture of our future distribution objectives. We are very excited to be introducing these unique vehicles to our current vehicle distribution range and the Australian market.”

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