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2017 BMW 5 Series range Car Review



BMW Australia has admitted that the seventh-generation 5 Series sedan range must become its own Swiss Army knife in the face of the SUV boom.

That does not mean the all-new large car range needs to have a different blade in order to stab those pesky high-riding semi-off-roaders at every opportunity, but the company’s brand-defining model and longest serving nameplate (since 1972) has certainly been threatened.

In Australia sales of the new G30 generation have not been tipped to rise beyond the peak of the previous F10.

BMW has, however, made a clear attempt to ensure the 5 Series’ spirit does not flat line with its sales.

Now, a full arsenal of safety and connectivity technology has become standard across the range, the likes of which cannot be found in any large SUV.

If that is a fresh blade, then the new model still harnesses other older swords – new engines, increased performance, a lighter chassis.

These are the multi-faceted promises of this latest traditional BMW that now promises to deliver a modern breadth of ability.

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Model release date: March 2017


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