Volkswagen / Bora / V5 sedan

1999 Volkswagen Bora V5 sedan Car Review


OKAY, okay, okay.

So the Volkswagen Bora is basically a Golf with a boot.

But so what?

It certainly does not look like a Golf, and that's important because it is aimed at a slightly higher market.

And - especially in V5 form - it is an endearing, nicely styled, impeccably presented contender that offers a cheaper alternative to a BMW 3 Series or a Lexus IS200.

It carries with it VW structural integrity, excellent road manners and very, very high standards of quality, as well as a rewarding driving experience.

Still, some may say it is still expensive considering its origins.

Then again, that's what they say about the Audi A3.

Model release dates: December 1999 - February 2006

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