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2017 Tesla Model X P100D Car Review



TESLA has in a few short years taken Armstrong-sized leaps towards an electric vehicle (EV) future, but the Californian tech start-up has also made a point of also producing EVs differently.

First there was the conventional Model S upper-large liftback.

It made EVs fast and desirable, while introducing the world to Autopilot semi-self-driving technology and free WiFi software updates.

It made the old sales approach – cop a resale hit to get a new model with the latest tech – seem selfish.

Soon there will be the BMW 3 Series-sized Model 3 that will attempt to prove that Tesla can deal with the burden of mass production and produce EVs more affordably than before.

This Model X sits somewhere in between.

It builds upon the virtues of the Model S with which it shares its motors and platform, then attempts to make EVs people-mover-practical.

With ‘Falcon Wing’ doors, it also again indicates that Tesla still does things its own way.

But is it the best way?

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Model release date: January 2017


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